Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Equipment

1.Green technology waste Tyre Pyrolysis Equipment to Fuel Oil
2.Daily capacicy: 5T to 30T per day.
3.CE, ISO cerficates.
4.batch type and continuous type.

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2019 Hottest waste Tyre Pyrolysis Equipment for Recycling used tyres.

waste Tyre Pyrolysis Equipment

What is pyrolysis?

Pyro = heat, lysis = breakdown into parts. Pyrolysis is chemical reaction in which large molecules are broken down into smaller molecules. Simplest example of pyrolysis is cooking in which complex food molecules are broken down into smaller & easily digestible molecules.

Waste plastic and tire are long chain molecules or polymer hydrocarbons. waste Tyre Pyrolysis Equipment is the industrial process of breaking down large molecules of plastic/tire into smaller molecules of oil, gas and carbon black. Pyrolysis of waste plastic or tire takes place in absence of oxygen, at about 350-550 degree C and reaction time is about 15-45 minutes.

Why we need waste Tyre Pyrolysis Equipment?

As plastic and rubber has been used for all other industry widely, they are playing an important role in the development of our economy, but plastic/rubber did not easy to broken after being used. So they become a big pollution for our environment .Therefore it is urgent to process those waste material without pollution.

In addition ,as the fastest development of world economy ,the shortage of petroleum will be urgent more and more .even the expert had stated that it will have no petroleum recover in earth after 15years later .so search the new resource became an issue which concerned by all the countries of the world.

so it have great meaning of settle this program ,which can recycled waste material into resources without any pollution .she help to solved two serious problems for human.

waste Tyre Pyrolysis Equipment

Main components of waste Tyre Pyrolysis Equipment:

A. horizontal reator

B. oil gas separator

C. vertical condensation system

D. heavy oil tank

E. water seal

F. water tower

G. desulfrization and dedust removal device

H. test pressure and temperature system

I. control panel

J. electricity control system

K. waste gas burning system

L. pipe and others

waste Tyre Pyrolysis Equipment

Technical Parameters of waste Tyre Pyrolysis Equipment





Pyrolysis Plant Daily Capcity



Reactor Size



Reactor Material



Reactor Thickness



Total Weight



Running Time



Operating Power



Space Needed

About 300㎡


Labour Needed

3-4 persons


Raw Material

Waste tire,plastic,rubber,etc


Heating Fuel

Coal,wood,fuel oil,gas,charcoal


Output Product

Fuel oil, carbon black,(steel wire)

Packing & Shipping for waste Tyre Pyrolysis Equipment

Packing & Shipping Packing : In plastic wrap, wooden case and containers as required.
Containers: 40HQ and 40FR containers, the number of containers will be different for different model.
Shipping: 25 days after deposit.

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Continuous Tyre Pyrolysis Machine

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Continuous Tyre Pyrolysis Machine

Continuous Tyre Pyrolysis Machine


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