Used Tires Pyrolysis Plant

1.Small Scale pyrolysis Plant.
2.Daily capacity:5 otn.
3.Material: Q345R boiler steel.
4.CE, ISO cerficates.

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2020 Best Investment Used Tires Pyrolysis Plant in China

Introduction of Used Tires Pyrolysis Plant

Semi-continuous Used Tires Pyrolysis Plant is a pyrolysis system of the latest generation of the pyrolysis system and converting the tires into steel wires (10-15%), bio-petrol rubber (35% -45%), carbon black (35-40%) and gas mix (5-10%)

Used Tires Pyrolysis Plant

The complete system contains 4 following parts:

(1) Tire cutting system: Pre-treatment of used tires, by means of special machinery the provided tire is cut

and divided into 4 parts.

(2) Pyrolysis System: This part can extract oil and carbon black from tires through Used Tires Pyrolysis Plant.

(3) recovery of the biochar: the recovery is carried out through a containment tank placed under the

individual reactors and hermetically sealed with a water system that prevents volatility in the same process.

(4) packaging of the biochar: after a refining step with an electromagnetic system, the biochar is packed and ready for sale.

Technical Parameters of Used Tires Pyrolysis Plant





Pyrolysis Plant Daily Capcity



Reactor Size



Reactor Material



Reactor Thickness



Total Weight



Running Time



Operating Power



Space Needed

About 300㎡


Labour Needed

3-4 persons


Raw Material

Waste tire,plastic,rubber,etc


Heating Fuel

Coal,wood,fuel oil,gas,charcoal


Output Product

Fuel oil, carbon black,(steel wire)

Flow chart of Used Tires Pyrolysis Plant

Used Tires Pyrolysis Plant

Input & Output of Used Tires Pyrolysis Plant

Used Tires Pyrolysis Plant


----Fuel oil and diesel 45%-52%

The main product - fuel oil produced by our Used Tires Pyrolysis Plant is widely used for industrial and commercial purposes.

With the heating value 10592.48Kcal/Kg,this fuel oil is a kind of good heating fuel which can be applied for boiler factory, cement factory,glass factory and steel mill, etc.

It also can be refined to diesel by the distillation machine. The distillation diesel can be used as diesel fuel used in diesel burners or diesel generators and some diesel engines.

---- carbon black 30%-35%

Carbon black from Used Tires Pyrolysis Plant, is used as raw material or main ingredient in many industries and thechemical structure of carbon black strengthens, lengthens the endurance, and improvesthe coloring features of the materials.

This Carbon black can be directly sold to cement or brick factory mix with cement or brick for heavy color.

Or pellet it used for heating, just like coal, it has the heating value of 7034 kcal/kg.

Or refine it used for making paint, printing ink or rubber products

----- steel wire 15%-18%

All of the steel present in the tyre can be detached after the pyrolysis recycling process finished.valuable steel wires are pressed and sold to steel and scrap dealers.

Here are some pictures of Used Tires Pyrolysis Plant

we have ship to more than 60 countries and cities, like Moldova, Italy, Serbia, Turkey, Tunisia, South Africa, India, Thailand, Colombia, Japan, Korea etc..

Used Tires Pyrolysis Plant

Used Tires Pyrolysis Plant

Used Tires Pyrolysis Plant

Packing & Shipping for Used Tires Pyrolysis Plant

Used Tires Pyrolysis Plant

Used Tires Pyrolysis Plant

Packing: containers for Used Tires Pyrolysis Plant.

Delivery time: about 25 working days after receive the deposits.

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