Tire Recycling to Fuel Oil Machine

Technology of the used tire/plastic pyrolysis plant to oil 1,Low cost high profit. 2,High Yield Efficiency. 3,Transform rubbish into wealth. 4,Saving energy. 5,Safety. Hi Boss, Welcome to visit our factory at any time...... our product is mainly used waste tires/waste plastic/waste rubber which...

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Technology of the used tire/plastic pyrolysis plant to oil

1,Low cost high profit.

2,High Yield Efficiency.

3,Transform rubbish into wealth.

4,Saving energy.


Hi Boss, Welcome to visit our factory at any time......

our product is mainly used waste tires/waste plastic/waste rubber which output crude oil; carbon black; steel wire.

3D Flow Chart & certification of used tire pyrolysis plant

Pyrolysis machine working process



The belt conveyor  stretches into the reactor, feeding the scrap tires. When the reactor is full of scrap tires, close the door. Heat up the reactor. The reactor is heated while rotating. When the temperature arrives at about 200 ℃, oil gas comes into being, the highest temperature of the reactor shall be 380℃. (Reactor material is boiler steel, and other parts of the equipment are made of carbon steel). Oil gas flows into the gas separatorthrough stir& static sealing and compensator. The stir& static sealing contains circle shaped graphite, prevents leakage of gas. Two functions for the compensator: 1.resist displacing from expansion and contraction; 2. Revise concentricity of the reactor.

2.Oil gas goes ahead, flows into the gas separator, the impurities deposit, some heavy oil flows into heavy oil tank, also the separator speed up pyrolysis of oil gas without water. Then in the depositing tank, heavy oil is deposited, flows into the heavy oil tank.

3.Pure oil gas flows into cooling system. There are 16 pipes in the pool as S type for a larger cooling area which can be 66 ㎡. Each pipe without two elbows is 6 meters, with a total length of 96 meters. There is a thermometer as a humanized design at the ending of the last pipe. When the thermometer temperature goes to 40℃,maybe you need a cooling tower for better cooling.

4.After 15 pipes’ cooling, light oil flows into the light oil tank, but still remains some combustible gas can’t be cooled down to oil. It shall be re-cooled through the 16th pipe. The final combustible gas will burn the reactor after it passing through water seal. The water seal can prevent backfire to guarantee safety of equipment. After three hours’ heating, you can get the flammable gas as fuel.

5.After the whole process, carbon black discharges from slag discharge door down to discharge hole. After this you can get the carbon black by screw conveyor.

6.Because the first fuel is coal and wood, some harmful smoke generates inevitably in the space between furnace and cover, then will be triple purified through the dedusting system.

First, look at the Impact desulfurization deduster. By the power of draft fan, smoke shall be attracted down to the pool which is full of alkaline solution at a high speed. After impacting and atomization through 3 baffles, smoke and solution fully mixed, solution catches the dust for the purpose of dedusting. Neutralization happens when an acid gas (Sulfur dioxide)is mixed with an alkaline liquid, for the purpose of sulfur removal.

Second, smoke cut into the water film cyclone, cylinder wall forms a water membrane by centrifugal force , then dust will be absorbed by the water membrane for the second dedusting.We provide you two choices about the chimney seat. One, normal one. Two, a double dusting water tank can be provided to you as a special design, of course, as the third dedusting process.Finally, gas will be eliminated without odour, color, just unharmful gas.

The above process belongs to pyrolysis process.

And if you want to get diesel from crude oil ,then using oil pump pulls the crude oil got from the pyrolysis machine into the distillation reactor to make the crude oil into basic diesel

But if you just want to get crude oil,you don’t have to buy the distillation machine.

Running time

2-3hours feeding.

3 hours oil gas comes into being,flammable gas comes,as recycled fuel.

5 hours oil gas finished coming.

5 hours cooling down reactor(when the temperature cools down to 50,you can open the door,but it is also according to different condition)

2hours for carbon black discharging.

Total time is 17-20hours,one batch per day.reasonable arrangement of time,you can feed at daytime,heat at noon,the highest temperature time,make your heating easier,cool down the reactor at night,and feed on the nest day morning,when the temperature gets lower.

1):The output is as below:

Raw materail





waste tire



fuel oil

natural gas

fuel oil


1.Burn as fuel oil

2.Refine to diesel

waste plastic

Carbon black


1.Make carbon black bars through

carbon black pellet machine as fuel

2.Make carbon black fine powder

as industrial chemical us

waste rubber

Steel wire


Steel bloom though hydraulic press


As direct product on sale

waste flammable gas

5%As fuel to reheat the reactor

2): Main features:

a) Safety: Realtop tire pyrolysis plant is equipped with many safety measures such as pressure gauge, safety valve and alarming devices. If there is extra pressure inside the reactor, alarming system will be ring, if no workers hear this, do not worry, the safety valve will be automatically to decrease inside pressure. Besides oil-water separator and anti-back fire device stop the waste gas back into reactor so that we avoid the possibility that burning gas go back into reactor, then we avoid the dangerous of explosion.

b)Higher oil yield rate: Realtop tire pyrolysis plant adopted the most advanced independent ng system we concentrate on be-long the cooling time and increase cooling area so that cool more oil gas and get more oil. Besides we use catalyst when we pyrolysis tire, so that we can make fully pyrolysis for tires and increase make full use of the tire materials and make good quality oil. At same time with our 20 years experience of making tire oil, our engineer can transfer our best operation skills which how can make more oil.

c)Environmental friendly : Realtop tire pyrolysis plant have a whole set of carbon black discharging system which can collect the carbon black under the sealing condition it is very clear. After collecting carbon black into bags, we can use carbon black fuel machine to turn the carbon black into fuel then u can make money from carbon black. Besides smoke from burning coal or wood can be filtered by our dust removing system, draught fan and cooling chimney will further remove the dust. At last emission from chimney no color no smelling and no pollution.

d) Energy saving: Realtop tire pyrolysis plant is equipped with waste gas (methane, ethane, propane, hydrogen etc) recycling system, which can recycle the gas back into the furnace to heat reactor. Fuel is also a cost for customers, this system can save customers’ cost at same time we protect our environment.

e) Fully Automatic: Realtop tire recycling plant is fully automatic. Our plant is equipped with auto-feeder, which can put 10 ton tires into reactor with 2-3 hours instead of manpower loading with 6-7 hours. From feeding to discharging all the process is automatic. We called “Idiot Plant”, it means our plant is very easy to operate, as it is very highly automatic. If you wanna know more our plant regarding automatic, pls send us inquiry, we will offer more details.

f) After-sales service: After purchasing our plant, we would send our engineer to instruct your workers to install your plant at same time training your workers how to operate plant correctly. Each of engineer from our company has many years experience of installation and making tire oil. Operating plant correctly decides tire oil yield rate directly and your workers’safety.

g) Running plant factory: Realtop factory owns the biggest demo plant factory, where there are completed installed tire pyrolysis plants, waste oil distillation plant etc. pls see some photos of demo plant below. Besides our oil product lab is same with plant factory. If u wanna see the running plant, that is best choice.

h) Company concept: "shared, happy, growing", we regard "no perfect individual, only perfect team "as our motto. We will go from strength to strength in the process of sharing and happy, we will try our best to offer satisfied service and grow up with customers from over the world.

4): Technical parameter:

Technical parameter of Realtop Pyrolysis Equipment




Equipment type





Raw material





Structural form

Horizontal rotation

Horizontal rotation

Horizontal rotation


     24-hour   Capacity

6 ton

8 ton

10 ton


Oil yield


3.6 ton

4.5 ton


Operating pressure





Material of






Thickness of






Rotate speed of






Total power





Mode of cooling

Water cooling

Water cooling

Water cooling


Cooling area of






Kind of transmission

Internal gear drive

Internal gear drive

Internal gear drive


Noise dB(A)





Size of Reactor(D×L)





Working form

Intermittent operation

Intermittent operation

Intermittent operation


Delivery time









5): Some parts of Whole equipment as below:





If you want to know more detailed about pyrolysis machine, Kindly pls send inquiry to me. And my mobile is+8618837303882 (Whatsapp and wechat )

I sincerely hope that we can establish with good long-term relationship with you continuously. Looking forward to your earlier reply.


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