Small Scale Plastic Pyrolysis Plant To Oil

1. Easy to operate.
2. High oil yield.
3. Extensive use.
4. Low noise.

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2020 Top Sale Small Scale Plastic Pyrolysis Plant to Oil in China

The simplest treatment for plastic and rubber waste is simple burning and to bury under earth. Burying under earth requires a lot of valuable land resources. Since the development of Small Scale Plastic Pyrolysis Plant to Oil, it has also become a subject of joint research and attention at all levels of government. It not only saves valuable land resources for mankind, but also creates new problems for new energy. The equipment is invested in 450 square meters of production site, the plant is simple, the source of raw materials is rich, the cost is low, the profit margin is large, and the recovered fuel oil is widely used.



Working Process of Small Scale Plastic Pyrolysis Plant to Oil:

Scraps Tyres Recycling to Oil Pyrolysis Plant

First, two or three workers put waste tires /plastics into the Small Scale Plastic Pyrolysis Plant from the feed door, close the feed door, and seal. Then start firing and heat the main furnace with fuel coal or wood in the heating chamber. When the temperature reaches 160 °C, some gas will be precipitated (most of the gas at this time is exhaust gas). When the temperature reaches 220 °C, the oil will precipitate and enter the gas separation package. The residue (containing part of the slag) will sink to the slag. Oil tanks, while light oil automatically enters the water cooling system, cooling and liquefaction. Enter the light tank. In this way, heavy oil and light oil can be obtained.

After condensation, some of the gas that cannot be condensed is called exhaust gas, and the exhaust gas passes through a safe setting--water seal. (The function of the water seal is to prevent the open flame from returning from the combustion chamber and exploding with the exhaust gas), and return to the heating chamber for fuel heating. Hearth. Therefore, at the beginning of the operating the Plastic Pyrolysis Plant, the fuel is coal or wood. When the temperature rises to 220 °C - 270 °C, the exhaust gas can be used as fuel. In general, the fuel required per ton of used tires is 60kg.

Dust treatment: The smoke comes out from the middle of the main furnace and the outer casing, enters the flue condensation system, and then enters the desulfurization and dedusting tower. There are three processes of dedusting system in Small Scale Plastic Pyrolysis Plant to Oil: water, magnetic ring, stainless steel small nozzle (atomization, filtering soot), soot Filtered, purified, and discharged more than 90% of the gas is water vapor, no pollution.

Small Scale Plastic Pyrolysis Plant Plastic to Oil Pyrolysis Plant

Small Scale Plastic Pyrolysis Plant Plastic to Oil Pyrolysis PlantOUR CUSTOMERS OF Waste Tires Pyrolysis Systems to Oil:

waste tires to fuel oil pyrolysis plant

waste tires to fuel oil pyrolysis plant

waste tires to fuel oil pyrolysis plant

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