Pyrolysis Plant Manufacturers

Pyrolysis Plant Manufacturers

1.Certification:CE, ISO, QS, SGS 2.High oil yield 3.Q345R boiler steel,long life time 4.Normal pressure,safety operation

Product Details

2020 newest design Professional tyre/plastic recycle to oil pyrolysis machine 




Worldwide, it is estimated that 6 billion scrap tires are produced every year.  Instead of burning the tires, the pyrolysis system roasts them in an atmosphere devoid of oxygen (so that no actual burning will occur).  This method of roasting is called pyrolysis.  By using pyrolysis, the tires are broken down into their three basic components: carbon black , steel wire and oil/gas, not only protect the environment , but also bring you high profit.



What is pyrolysis?

Pyro = heat. Lysis = break down._SWI4H~7H6[DNVB42TIC6W




fuel oil from waste tyre are used in below industries


 A.power plant factory factory

 C.cement factory

 D.ceramic fatory

 E.aluminum factory

 F.boiler factory

 G.central heating factory

 H.painting factory



◊carbon black from waste tyre are used in below industries


 A.electric cable jacketing

 B.conveyor ban

 C.hose and doormat nylon bag

 E.rubber additive

 F.automatic spare parts

 G.heat isolation colorant in rubber materials

 I.plastic pipes rubber products fighting


Pyrolysis machine advantage and main technical characteristics


1. High oil output rate 45%--55% with special catalyst formula and high tech .


2. Rapid condensers and large cooling area,assure you get much more and higher quality oil.        


diversiform cooling system can be choose according to client's willingness


3. Dust-removing device -four levels dust processing system make sure no any population and the


output smoking is the spray .more environmental protection.


4. Double tail-gas recycling and burning system, saving energy.


5. Q245R boiler plate, high temperature resistance, thickness reaches 14mm—16mm,guarantee 


    4-7 years service lives. and optional plate is Q345R


6.  OptionalAuto feeder and carbon black discharge elevator, high automation, saving time and labors.


7.  Eco-friendly and no any population, environmental protection


  • What is the Warranty period given by you for the whole plant and machinery? 

      We guarantee the complete machine for one year since installation. If during the first 

      year, there is any problem caused by the machine quality (Except personal factor 

      damage and quick wear -part), we take responsibility.

  • Total machinery will fit in how many containers?

      That will depend on which model will you choose. For LN5,      

      (5  capacity/per day), two 40 feet high containers are ok. But for one larger than LN5, 

      for example,LN-10, one 40 feet high container and one 40 feet FLAT RACK will be required.

  • When will we receive the foundation drawings? 

      After signing the contract, we will send the foundation drawing to you OR make a design

      according to your workshop size .

  • How much is your installation time?

     About one month including installing the machine, testing the machine, and training your 

     workers until everything runs smoothly. 

  • How much civil work will be involved? 

    Only two. One is the foundation for the reactor base, the other is the water cooling pool

    if you choose the coil pipe cooling system.


OUR CUSTOMERS OF tyre/plastic recycle to oil pyrolysis machine 







Welcome you to contact me for more details about our tyre/plastic recycle to oil pyrolysis machine 



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