Fully Automatic Pyrolysis Machine

1.Green technology Fully Automatic Pyrolysis Machine
2.Daily capacicy: 5T to 30T per day.
3.CE, ISO cerficates.
4.batch type and continuous type.

Product Details

2020 Newest Fully Automatic Pyrolysis Machine for pyrolysis fuelFully Automatic Pyrolysis Machine

1. Main Parts of Fully Automatic Pyrolysis Machine


Burning Room

Gas Separator


Oil Tank

Cooling Tower

Sync Gas Recycling System

Waste Gas Burner

Smoke Scrubbers

Carbon Black Discharging System

2. Outstanding Features of Fully Automatic Pyrolysis Machine

a. Full open door design: Speedy loading in and steel pulling out; Easily cooling down after one

batch finished, saving time; No leaking with special high temperature flexible graphite packing.

b. Unique Craft Condensers: High condensing efficiency with more oil output. Good quality oil,

longer lifetime, and easy to clean.

c. National Patent Unique Smoke Scrubbers: More efficient removal of the acid gas and dust of

the smoke by neutralization, purification and absorption, environmental friendly without pollution.

d. National Patent Carbon Black Discharging System: Speedy fully enclosed Auto-discharging

under high temperature, avoiding carbon black pollution, saving time.

e. Automatic Submerged welding technology, ultrasonic nondestructive testing, both manual and

the automatic safety devices.

f. Sync Gas Recycling System: Fully burned after recycling and utilization, saving fuel and

preventing pollution.

g. Direct Heating System: Enlarging heating square to lengthen the lifespan of the reactor and

easy to control the temperature.

3. Raw Materials and Final Products and Its Usage.

a. Raw materials: Waste tyres, waste rubber and waste plastics, etc.

b. Final products: Steel wires, fuel oil, carbon black and sync gas...

c. The usage of the final products:

Steel wires: 12%-15% from tyres, to be sold or reprocessed.

Fuel oil: Widely used in industries such as steel and iron factories, ceramics or chemical industries or hotels, restaurants etc. as fuel oil, or used for heavy oil generators to get electricity.

Carbon black: Crude carbon black can be used for construction bricks, or widely used as industrial carbon black N774, N660, N330 or color carbon after deep-process.

4. Product Shows of Fully Automatic Pyrolysis Machine

Fully Automatic Pyrolysis Machine

Fully Automatic Pyrolysis Machine

Fully Automatic Pyrolysis Machine

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Fully Automatic Pyrolysis Machine

we design this professional workshop for making the Pyrolysis Machine mainly .

One month we can produce at least 20 sets of machines as we produce the machine in assembly line. We divide our workers into different groups to make different parts of the machine.

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Fully Automatic Pyrolysis Machine

Fully Automatic Pyrolysis Machine


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