10 Ton Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

The waste tyre / plastic pyrolysis plant can process various kinds of plastic / rubber material to fuel oil , carbon black , steel wire (only for tires).

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10 Tons Waste Tyre Recycling Pyrolysis Plant in China Manufacturer

Description of Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant:

The waste tyre / plastic pyrolysis plant can process various kinds of plastic / rubber material to fuel oil , carbon black , steel wire (only for tires). The whole equipment totally including 5 parts ,they are auto feeder , pyrolysis reactor , condensing parts , dedusting parts, carbon black discharging device.

Working Process of 10 Ton Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant:

* Put the raw material into the furnace;
* Seal the feed inlet then the bottom of the reactor will slowly heat the wastes by coal or electricity ;
* When the temperature reaches the degree of 200, we will get the crude oil ;
* The oil steam will be continuous produced until the temperature reaches 300-400°C ;
* Oil steam will flow through light and heavy components separating device ;
* Light component will enter the condenser of waste tyre pyrolysis plant, and meanwhile the residues will be discharged automatically in succession;
* Liquefied part will be condensed to rubber oil;

* The part that cannot be liquefied will be input into heating supply system for burning by way of combustion gas purification system.

waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Techincal Parameters:

Name:10 ton waste tyre pyrolysis plant
Raw material:Waste Tire, Plastic, Rubber, ect.
Oil output:40%-45%
Carbon output:30%
Gas out put:10-20%
Heating value:300-400Kcal/ M3
Operating pressure:Constant pressure
Heating material:Nature gas, coal, pyrolysis oil, wood
Material of reactor:Q345R boiler steel
Cooling mode:Water cooling
Thickness of reactor :16 mm
Rotate speed of reactor :0.4turn/minute
Driving methodGear drive
Pyrolysis plant area needed:

150M2: 15M (Lengthen)x10M(width)

You also need prepare the feeding area, about 7-8 M2

Final products of waste tyre pyrolysis plant:

1. Fuel oil (45%-50%): Fuel oil produced by waste tyre pyrolysis plant, is a kind of crude fuel oil, which can be used for industrial heating used in any fuel needed industrial factories, such as cement plant, steel mill, glass factory, brick factory, boiler used factory, etc. Or can be refined to diesel, directly used in diesel burners,generators, heavy trucks, agricultural machine,and mix with normal diesel used for cars.

2. Carbon black (30% ~35% ):

First, Carbon black from waste tyre pyrolysis plant. You can sell it to the brick factory as internal combustion or to the factory which need it as raw materials, such as shoe, tire, cable and sealant companies.

Second, could make further process,make carbon black powder into carbon black briquette, and use it for burning.

3. Steel wire (9~11%): It can be sold to the iron and steel company directly.

4. Waste gas (5~7% ): special design could recycling it into fire furnace for burning

waste tyre pyrolysis plant

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waste tyre pyrolysis plant

waste tyre pyrolysis plant

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1. Quality warranty period: Realtop's plants enjoy one-year guarantee, after which, we still offer lifelong technical support for your waste tyre pyrolysis plant.

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3. For any tiny problem of waste tyre pyrolysis plant you cannot solve after one-year guarantee finishes, please feel free to Email or call our salespeople, who will wholeheartedly help you solve your problem.

4. For problems that cannot be solved via email or phone-call, our engineers may be dispatched to do plant maintenance and debugging (which usually takes as short as one day) until your plant resumes normal operation.

5. For the damage caused by the users, our company provides the parts and accessories with cost price.

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