Crude Oil Distillation Production Line

Newest design of crude oil distillation production line 1,The latest series of distillation machine has a few big characteristics (to JL - 2 type as an example) major parts of each equipment is compose as follow: A. preheater B. strong spray tower C. The hot blast stove D. Distillation reactor...

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Newest design of crude oil distillation production line



1,The latest series of distillation machine has a few big characteristics (to JL - 2 type as an example) major parts of each equipment is compose as follow:

A. preheater

B. strong spray tower

C. The hot blast stove

D. Distillation reactor

E. Distillation tower

F. fractionating column

G. shell and tube condenser

H. storage tank

I. extraction tank

J water sealing tank

K. wash oil tower

L. filter tower

M. cooling pool

N. Product tank


1. Made by Q345R boiler plate. Also can choose SS310, 310S+Q345R

2. Auto-welding both inside and outside

3. With rock wool insulation board

Catalyst chamber

1. Improve oil yield and oil quality

2. Reduce the speed of oil gas so that it can be better cooled

Oil-water separator

1. Separate oil and water

2. Collect heavy oil


1. The oil gas is cooled separately by small pipes inside condenser

2. Light oil is collected here

Vacuum device

Keep machine running under normal pressure

Anti-back fire device

1. Recycle residual gas to furnace as fuel

2. Water sealing design prevent tempering

Dust removal device

Dispose of flue gas caused by using coal, wood, oil or natural gas


1, All the equipment are certified by CE and ISO

2, Latest double vertical tubular condensers, 56 cooling pipes in each condenser, more cooling area, more effective cooling effect, higher oil yield

3, Equipped with safety valves, auto alarming system, anti-explosion valve, which will guarantee 100% safety

4, Flue tube condenser, cool down the exhaust gas from the burner, protect draft fan and improve dedusting effects

5, Adopts Three-layer dedusting system to cleanse the exhaust gas to reach European pollution control standards.

6, Automatic submerged welding technology, ultrasonic nondestructive testing, guarantee the equipment quality

7, Oil pump feeding and discharging, save much manpower

Model rendering picture of distillation machine:

2. First invent in China:

A. Complete equipment production process is in the smokeless and tasteless environments, environmental protection.

B. The constant pressure device adopts water circulating, greatly improving the safety of the whole system.

C. In the process of production, after decompression, the whole system can greatly improve the output of unit of time, and at the same time, improve product quality.

D. Heating system uses hot air heating process in order to not only improve the safety performance of the production, but also improve the heating efficiency

E. Efficient gas heating system, during the oil refining process, when heated gas is up to150,can produce a large number of normal temperature and in constant pressure non-liquefied gas is methane to butane ,these gases in our specially designed gas nozzle inside full combustion, have a lot of energy, greatly save the energy

F. Flue dust removal system is equipped with two-way water impact type cyclone dust chamber, ensure flue export emissions reached national emissionstandard

3,Products and industry of Oil refining processor applicable

1) crude oil of Waste plastics ,waste rubber refining

2) Waste oil such as: waste diesel engine oil, waste oil, waste slag, etc

3) waste crude oil

4) Waste wash a oil


4.The main technical characteristics:

1) Key equipment of the achievement is to adopt constant reduced pressure catalytic cracking process and product chemical extraction technology.

2) Equipment equipped with environmental protection is perfect such as waste gas burner and flue dust chamber.

3) Adopt chemical method to solve product color and odor

4) Pure crude oil yield efficiency is not less than 80%.

5) This equipment has advantage of reasonable design, advanced manufacturing process, a high degree of automation, security facilities complete.

6) Wide range of uses, the more use of a machine

5.Environment protection

(1)waste gas

Our machine has safety water seal device and gas burner that not only eliminate waste gas pollution but also save a large mount of fuel

(2)liquid waste

During the process of handling oil,it will produce some weak acidic waste water(when produce 1T oil,also can produce50KGwaste water,it is little,tractability).By adding the weak alkali neutralization, it can make neutral wastewater filtration, to achieve harmless,after that,the waste water can go into Special evaporation processor to evaporate(The main heat source is using the processor's flue waste heat).

(3)waste solid

After Waste plastics catalytic pyrolysis, there will be some solid residue which accounts for around 5%-10% of the weight of waste plastic. And can be raw material to produce pitch.

6.The company promise:

Our company sell all kinds of series equipment that has the perfect after-sales service, main equipment warranty period two years, completely solve the customer's worries






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