Waste Copper Retreatment Equipment To Copper Sulfate

1. waste copper recycling to copper sulfate.
2. high profits project.
3. high productivity.
4. CE, ISO certificate.
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2020 Best Waste Copper Retreatment Equipment to Copper Sulfate

Introduction of Waste Copper Retreatment Equipment to Copper Sulfate

Waste Copper Retreatment Equipment to Copper Sulfate, is new technology to produce industrially by treating copper metal with hot concentrated sulfuric acid or its oxides with dilute sulfuric acid.



High Purity Copper Sulphate Production Plant


What is Copper Sulfate?


Copper sulfate pentahydrate (CuSO4・5H2O) is sky blue color,its aqueous solution is weak acid,commonly it is known as stone gallbladder,blue alum.


Agriculture grade Copper sulfate pentahydrate

Item     Index
CuSO4・H2O%>=    98.0 
As mg/kg<=   25
Pb mg/kg<=   125
Cd mg/kg<=     25
Water insoluble matter%<=0.2
H2SO4%<=     0.2
Applications: Waste Copper Retreatment Equipment to Copper Sulfate

1, Used to kill fungi.When mixed with lime water to produce Bordeaux mixture,as a fungicide,it is used to control fungus on crops,to prevent fruit and others from rottin.

2, It is a preventive fungicide that needs to be used before the onset of the disease.It can also be used for rice fields,pond algae.

3, It is also a traxe element fertilizer,it can improve the stability of chlorophyll,prevent chlorophyll from prematurely destroyed and promote crop absorption.

4, When used on crops that sensitive to copper,it can play the roleof seed treatment and root top dressing.

Feed grade of Copper sulfate pentahydrate

Item     Index
CuSO4・5H2O%>=    98.5
Cu%>=    35.06
Water insoluble matter%<=   0.2
As%<=         0.0004
Pb%<=   0.001
Fineness(800um)%>=     95
Applications: Waste Copper Retreatment Equipment to Copper Sulfate

1, It is an important trace element in drug feed.

2, Added into diet,it can effectively prevent and treat anemia,weak limbs,bone growth,joint swelling,osteoporosis,growth retardation,heartfailure,gastrointestinal diseases and other symptoms.

3, Promote the growth of livestock and aquaticanimals,enhance disease resistance,improve feed utilization.

Electroplating grade of Copper sulfate pentahydrate:

Item   Index
CuSO4・5H2O%>=   98.0
As%<=      0.0005
Pb%<=   0.005
Ca%<=   0.0005
Cl%<=    0.002
Fe%<=  0.005
Co%<=  0.0005
Ni%<=  0.0005
Zn%<=    0.005
Water insoluble matter%<=  0.005
pH value(5%,20℃)       3.5-4.5

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Matters need attention for Waste Copper Retreatment Equipment to Copper Sulfate:

1. Workers must wear flat lens,acid-resistant clothing and gloves as well as rubber shoes, masks during operating the Copper sulfate pentahydrate manufacturing process.

2. Non-staff are not allowed to enter the production workshop.

3. Workers must first carry out safety training before taking up their posts.


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