Soluble Copper Equipment To Copper Sulfate

1. 2020 newest Soluble Copper Equipment to copper Sulfate.
2. Easy to operate.
3. High productivity.
4. Environmental production.

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2020 Newest Designs Soluble Copper Equipment to copper Sulfate

Soluble Copper Equipment to copper Sulfate

Copper sulfate is an important inorganic chemical product, and its use varies with purity. Analytical and chemically pure copper sulfate are used for chemical reagents. Industrial-grade copper sulfate is widely used in petrochemical and electroplating departments. It is an important raw material for preparing other copper salts in the chemical industry. It can also be used as a mordant for cotton textiles, wood preservatives, water fungicides, agricultural pesticides for fruit trees, cotton and other crops, copper additives, and a large number of non-ferrous metal flotation.

Soluble Copper Equipment to copper Sulfate is so hot these year. The method for producing copper sulfate is mainly a production process using waste copper as raw material.

Production Process:

Soluble Copper Equipment to copper Sulfate is based on low temperature air oxidation dissolution method.

This method is based on the action of copper etching aids. When air is blown into the reaction solution (prepared with water, sulfuric acid and copper etching aids), copper and dilute sulfuric acid are directly reacted between 40℃-100℃ Copper sulfate.


Advantages of Soluble Copper Equipment to copper Sulfate:

1. simple operation

2. low operating temperature.

3. fast reaction speed.

4. full circulation of mother liquor, and no discharge of three wastes.

5. less equipment investment, and low production cost.

6. high productivity.

Moreover, it overcomes the shortcomings of high-temperature roasting and oxidation, eliminates the strong oxidant required in the production of the oxidant method, avoids the generation of harmful gases during the production process, solves the problems of mixed crystal and equipment corrosion in the catalytic oxidation method, and improves the product quality Reduced raw material and energy consumption, increased raw material utilization and copper utilization.

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Soluble Copper Equipment to copper Sulfate

Soluble Copper Equipment to copper Sulfate

Soluble Copper Equipment to copper Sulfate

Soluble Copper Equipment to copper Sulfate

Great Market for Copper Sulfate from Soluble Copper Equipment:

Copper sulfate pentahydrate from Soluble copper equipment: used to manufacture other feed salts such as cuprous chloride, cupric chloride, copper pyrophosphate, cuprous oxide, copper acetate, copper carbonate, etc. The dye and pigment industry is used to manufacture copper-containing monoazo dyes such as reactive brilliant blue and reactive violet.

1. Analysis reagent

 Copper sulfate is required for several chemical analyses. It is used to test reducing sugar in Feiling reagent and Bans reagent. In the reaction, the divalent copper ion is reduced to a monovalent insoluble red precipitated cuprous oxide. Copper sulfate can also be used in biuret reagents to detect proteins.

 Copper sulfate can be used to test anemia. Drop the blood sample into the copper sulfate solution. If the blood sample contains enough hemoglobin, the blood sample will sink quickly; if the hemoglobin content is not enough, the blood sample will be suspended in the solution.

 The copper sulfate in the flame reaction is blue-green, which is much bluer than the barium ion.

2. Organic synthesis

 Copper sulfate can be used for organic synthesis. Anhydrous salts are used to catalyze the transacetal reaction. The pentahydrate salt reacts with potassium permanganate to form an oxidant, which is used for the conversion of primary alcohols. Organic industry used as a catalyst for the synthesis of fragrances and dye intermediates, a polymerization inhibitor for methyl methacrylate.

3. Medicinal use

 Copper sulfate can also be used as an emetic agent, but it is now considered to be too toxic. But it is still an antidote listed by the World Health Organization ATC code _(V03).

4. Agriculture

 Copper sulfate can be used to kill fungi. It is mixed with lime water to produce Bordeaux liquid, which is used as a fungicide to control fungi on lemon, grape and other crops. The dilute solution is used to sterilize and remove snails in the aquarium. Because copper ions are toxic to fish, the dosage must be strictly controlled. Most fungi can be killed with very low concentrations of copper sulfate, and E. coli can also be controlled. In addition, the aquaculture industry is also used as the main raw material of feed additive trace element copper.

5. Chemistry education of copper sulfate pentahydrate

 Copper sulfate is usually included in children's chemical experiment reagents, used for crystal formation test and copper electroplating experiment. Because of its toxicity, it is not recommended for young children. Copper sulfate is often used to demonstrate exothermic reactions. During the demonstration, magnesium bars are inserted into the copper sulfate solution. Copper sulfate can also be used to demonstrate the process of dehydration and weathering of crystals and obtaining crystal water. In the junior high school experimental exam, the substitution reaction between copper sulfate and iron was used to verify the law of conservation of quality.

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