Scraps Copper To Copper Sulfate Machine

Scraps Copper To Copper Sulfate Machine

1.Machines for recyling Scraps Copper to copper sulfate.
2.High efficiency.
3.Less land needed.
4.Field installation and training.

Product Details

Best Manufacturer Scraps Copper to Copper Sulfate Machine

Great profits project China scraps copper to copper sulfate machine, we're professinal in manufacturing waste recycling mahcine for more than 20 years.

Equipment advantages

1.Monomer can be run, do not need other air compressor, boiler and other supporting facilities

2.High efficiency, since the heat run, atmospheric pressure equipment for Copper Sulphate Production Process.

3.Less land needed

4.Automatic oil removal, etc

5.Occupy less raw material quantity, occupy less money

6.Simple operation, mechanization, simple maintenance

7.Can provide one year free technical support in the contract.

Item Name

scraps copper to copper sulfate machine

Material316L stainless steel
Raw materialcopper, wire, sheet, block, powder, etc.
Output ProductCopper sulfate
Machine typeCopper Wire Recyling Machine
Voltage380V 50Hz 3Phase/Customized
FeatureHigh profit project and long service life

scraps copper to copper sulfate machine

scraps copper to copper sulfate machine

3D Flow Chart of copper sulphate production process

scraps copper to copper sulfate machine

Production technology introduction:

(1):Preparation: for scraps copper to copper sulfate machine

Raw material: purple miscellaneous copper, wire, sheet, block, powder, etc.), sulfuric acid industrial grade, industrial water, C1 - content & le: 30 mg/L; Cooling water has no special requirements.

(2)Copper material selection process

Copper material to sorting, eliminate iron, aluminum and other visible metal, bare copper wire can not burn, enameled wire can be used only by the burning.

(3)Dissolve copper process:

Soluble copper liquid from the mother liquor before preparation of sulfuric acid, water, and soluble copper in micro bubble dissolved copper kettle, soluble copper temperature around 85-90 ℃. Liquid after dissolved copper (copper about 180 g/L, the proportion of 1.38 to 1.42) into the settler.

(4)Sedimentation process:

Microbubble faintly soluble copper kettle self-provided float drainage component and swirl solid-liquid separation, sedimentation process of setting up the settler a further separation and water separation of content into the liquid pool, after impurities removal solution into the mother liquid pool.

(5)Crystallization process: of scraps copper to copper sulfate machine

After settling process of cleaning solution in the crystallization process.

Copper sulfate crystallization in rotary force completed the crystallization machine, cold water is provided by the cooling tower system, used in cooling water circulation. After the crystallization process of copper sulphate product in 1-4 mm particles precipitate from the solution, the crystal slurry (+ crystal mother liquor), the temperature can drop to near room temperature, crystallization rate generally about 70%. Crystal slurry into the thick device for a preliminary solid-liquid separation, mother liquor back in mother liquid pool, crystal after accumulated to a certain amount into the washing drying processes.

(6)Washing drying processes: of scraps copper to copper sulfate machine

Crystal slurry by the thick bottom valve in a centrifugal filter, the liquid - water washing off - weighing packaging after dry.

scraps copper to copper sulfate machinescraps copper to copper sulfate machine


Copper Sulfate Production Line certificateCopper Sulfate Production Line Certificates

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