No.1 Manufacturer Copper Sulphate Production Process

1.Recycling copper to Copper sulfate pentahydrate.
2.Process 1 otn copper to 4 ton Copper sulfate.
3.high productivity and Great profits project in 2020.
4.Field installation and training.

Product Details

China No.1 Manufacturer Copper Sulphate Production Process

Copper sulphate production process is new technology for recycling waste copper wires, power into copper sulfate. High profits project for investment in 2020. Little comsumption of copper, to get 4 times copper sulfate. And Its output products copper sulfate, as one of the more important copper salts, is widely used in electroplating, printing and dyeing, pigments, pesticides and so on.Waste Copper Recycling to Copper Sulfate Production LineWaste Copper Recycling to Copper Sulfate Production Line

Waste Copper Recycling to Copper Sulfate Production Line

Equipment advantages

1.Monomer can be run, do not need other air compressor, boiler and other supporting facilities

2.High efficiency, since the heat run, atmospheric pressure equipment for Copper Sulphate Production Process.

3.Less land needed

4.Automatic oil removal, etc

5.Occupy less raw material quantity, occupy less money

6.Simple operation, mechanization, simple maintenance

7.Can provide one year free technical support in the contract.

Technical Parameters:

Item Name

Copper Sulphate Production Process

Material316L stainless steel
Raw materialcopper, wire, sheet, block, powder, etc.
Output ProductCopper sulfate
Machine typeCopper Wire Recyling Machine
Voltage380V 50Hz 3Phase/Customized
FeatureHigh profit project and long service life

Our Customers sites for Copper Sulphate Production Process:

We have build copper sulphate production process in more than 60 coutries, like in Kosovo, Mexico, Serbia, Albania, India, South Africa, Thailand Armenia etc

The above is some photos of our customers' sites.

3D Flow Chart of copper sulphate production process

Copper Sulphate Production Process Certifications:

Copper Sulfate Production Line certificateCopper Sulfate Production Line Certificates

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