Copper Sulfate Production Process

Our this machine using liquid gas jet pump, the solution of oxygen, the oxygen in the air can realize the emulsion mixed with solution and solution chemistry oxidation, accelerated the speed of copper can dissolve in dilute sulphuric acid, higher than that of the conventional method of dissolved...

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Copper Sulfate Production Process

Copper Sulfate Production Process

After years of research, the copper sulfate production techonlogy and process taking copper-containing materials as raw materials have reached a comparatively perfect degree, and has following features:
1. Annual (calculated as 300 days) rated production capacity has developed 300T, 600T, 1200T, 2400T, 4800T, and other scales.
2. Under normal conditions, product quality can reach GB437-93 requirements on agricultural grade.
3. Comprehensive power consumption≤150kw.h; copper recovery≥99.5%; acid consumption (96%)≤0.42 tons; water consumption≤1.5 tons.
4. No auxiliary equipment is required. Small floor area, low investment, there is a certain degree of automation in production process.
5. Excellent operating environment and environmental index.

6. Can offer complete set of design and non-standard equipments.Copper Sulfate Production Process

Copper Sulfate Production Process

The flow chart of our Copper Sulfate Production Process

Copper Sulfate Production Process

Raw materials to be treated with: copper-contained materials and metals, can be alloy powder, alloy spun gold and alloy block. Copper Sulfate Production Process

Main equipment: microbubble neutralizing tank, crystallizer, and etc.

Purpose: realize no waste gas and waste water emissions
Applications: treatment and separation of copper-containing materials, and etc.


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