Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate Cupric Sulfate Machine

1.High purify copper sulfate 2.Energy Saving,1T copper can produce 4T copper sulfate 3.Low cost machinery 4.High profit

Product Details

Copper sulfate pentahydrate cupric sulfate machine

Our this machine using liquid gas jet pump, the solution of oxygen, the oxygen in the air can realize the emulsion mixed with solution and solution chemistry oxidation, accelerated the speed of copper can dissolve in dilute sulphuric acid, higher than that of the conventional method of dissolved copper, more than eight times in soluble copper chemical reaction heat can maintain the temperature, the chemical reactions needed to dissolve copper process using low acidity, and the role of microbubble layer on the surface of cover, can make the solution and the evaporation capacity of sulfuric acid, be suppressed, thus to further improve the direct recovery of copper in and effect on the improvement of the environment.


Our Advantages
1, Normal product quality can reach 96% under the condition of industrial, agricultural, 98% feed grade and
   electroplating grade product, qualification requirements;
2,  Integrated power consumption per ton of copper sulphate products 80 degrees or less;
3,  Do not need to form a complete set of boiler, air compressor and other equipment, product line covers
    an area of small, less investment, choose and employ persons, the production process have a certain  
    degree of automation;
4,  Excellent operating environment, the environmental protection index;
5,  Can provide a full range of design and non-standard equipment supply, and is responsible for the
    installation supervision,personnel training, debugging to mark one year free service;
6,  Monomer can be run, do not need other air compressor, boiler and other supporting facilities;
7,  High efficiency, since the heat run, atmospheric pressure equipment;
8,  Less land needed;
9,  Automatic oil removal;
10,Occupy less raw material quantity, occupy less money;
11,Simple operation, mechanization, simple maintenance;
12,Can provide one year free technical support in the contract



Applications of outputs


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