Copper Sulfate Manufacturing Line

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2020 Newest Designs Copper Sulfate Manufacturing Line for Recycling Coppers

What is Copper Sulfate Manufacturing Line?

Copper Sulfate Manufacturing Line is newest technolgy to recycling various coppers, like copper wire, sheets, bars, bulks, powders etc., to make them into the valuable blue copper sulfate crystals.

What is copper sulfate?

Copper Sulfate Manufacturing Line

Copper sulfate pentahydrate is a natural water-containing copper sulfate, commonly known as copper sulfate pentahydrate (CuSO4·5H2O), and is a widely distributed sulfate mineral. It is a secondary mineral formed after the decomposition of copper sulfide by oxygen.

Copper sulfate pentahydrate is produced in the oxidation zone of copper deposits, and it often appears on the inner walls and pillars of mine roadways, which are formed by the crystallization of the water in the mine.

The crystals of copper sulfate pentahydrate are plate-shaped or short column-shaped, and when these crystals are grouped together, they are granular, lump-shaped, fibrous, stalactite-shaped, and crust-shaped. They have a beautiful blue color, but if exposed to dry air, they will become opaque, light green and white powder due to the loss of water. At the same time, bile is very soluble in water.

Copper sulfate pentahydrate is a chemical raw material for pigments, batteries, insecticides, and wood preservation.

Where can be used for copper sulfate from the production line?

1.Swimming pool, landscape pool:

The copper sulfate from the manufacturing line can kill insects and algae, anti-microbial growth, purifying water quality, and at the same time turning swimming pool water into blue water like sea water.

Copper Sulfate Manufacturing Line

2. Agricultural application

The blue crystals from the copper sulfate manufacturing line can be used in agriculture. The usage and dosage of moss, water and soil in the rice field can be used in the early stage when turning the ground, which can play a preventive role. 2-3 kg per paddy field. If the moss and water are not much after transplanting in the paddy field, each paddy 2-3 pounds of mixed fertilizer, or mixed soil, where to spread, if there is a large area of moss water cotton toad skin, a large amount must be added, about 4 pounds per paddy field, safe for rice fields, does not hurt rice seedlings, and after use There is no need to relapse, it lasts for about 20 days and is not affected by temperature.

Copper Sulfate Manufacturing Line

3. Aquaculture

Copper sulafte from the manufacturing line is also used as the main raw material in Aquaculture feed, which can effectively kill harmful algae in paddy fields, disinfect and sterilize, purify water quality, improve the production environment of aquatic animals, hemorrhage of fish, rotten tails, especially various aquatic products The explosive death of animals caused by viral or bacterial infections has a significant effect. Each cubic meter of water is splashed with 0.7 grams of copper sulfate in the whole pool. Half a catty can also be used per acre of fish pond, but it is best not to exceed this by more than twice, otherwise it will cause a large number of fry deaths.

Copper Sulfate Manufacturing Line

4. Laboratory.

It is usually included in children's chemical experiment reagents for crystal generation test and copper electroplating test. Copper sulfate is often used to demonstrate the exothermic reaction. During the demonstration, the magnesium bar is inserted into the copper sulfate solution. Copper sulfate can also be used to demonstrate the process of crystal dehydration and weathering and obtaining crystal water.

Copper Sulfate Manufacturing Line

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Copper Sulfate Manufacturing Line

Copper Sulfate Manufacturing Line

Copper Sulfate Manufacturing Line

Copper Sulfate Manufacturing Line

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