China Best Soluble Copper Kettle Equipment From Waste Copper

1.copper recycling machine.
2.hottest investment in 2020.
3.Field installation and training.
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Great Profits Project Soluble Copper Kettle Equipment for Waste Copper

Product Introduction of Soluble Copper Kettle Equipment

I. Technology

Due to the stable chemical properties of metal copper, it is poorly soluble in non-oxidative acid liquor. It is the most common soluble copper method to add oxidizing agent.

It is generally believed that copper dissolution in acid liquor containing air is a typical electrochemical reaction process, thus appropriate amount air can ensure oxidation potential of solution to facilitate the reaction.

II. Main technical and economic indicators

Copper dissolution speed: ≥12kg/h·m3;

Power consumption (ton copper): ≤400kw·h;

Direct recovery rate: 99.9%;

Flue gas (H2SO4): ≤50mg/m3.

Advantages of Soluble Copper Kettle Equipment:

1.Do not need other facilities like air compressor and boiler

2.High efficiency, normal pressure and temperature equipment

3.Small floor area for Soluble Copper Kettle Equipment.

4. Automatic oil removing

5. Requires less raw materials and capitals

6.Simple operation, all mechanization, easy maintenance, for Soluble Copper Kettle Equipment

7. Can offer one year free technical support for Soluble Copper Kettle Equipment.

Raw material

purple miscellaneous copper, wire, sheet, block, powder, etc.

Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate Production Equipment

Soluble Copper Kettle Equipment

墨西哥Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate Production Equipment

Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate Production Equipment

Outputs and Applications of Soluble Copper Kettle Equipment


a. Copper sulfate pentahydrate can be made into pesticides, and insecticide treatment is performed on fruit trees.

b. Copper sulfate pentahydrate from Soluble Copper Kettle Equipment is also called copper sulfate crystal. In order to distinguish it from "anhydrous copper sulfate", it is usually read as "copper sulfate pentahydrate" with a relative molecular mass of 250. Commonly known as blue alum, bile or copper alum. It has the effects of vomiting, detoxification and detoxification and has certain side effects.

c. Copper sulfate pentahydrate is produced from Soluble Copper Kettle Equipment in the oxidized zone of copper deposits, and often appears on the inner walls and pillars of the mine's roadway, which is formed by the crystallization of water in the mine.

d. Copper sulfate pentahydrate is a chemical raw material for pigments, batteries, pesticides, wood preservation and other aspects.

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