Best Quality Cupric Sulfate Producing Machines In China

Best Quality Cupric Sulfate Producing Machines In China

1.Offer the best service to every customer.
2.Customers from everywhere of the world and we are a customer-oriented manufacturer.
3.The highest quality copper sulfate production you will get by our machines.
4.Obey strictly ISO9001:2008 quality standard and have been identified by SGS.

Product Details

1. Soluble Copper liquid from the mother liquor before preparation of sulfuric acid, water, and soluble copper in micro bubble dissolved copper kettle, soluble copper temperature around 85-90 . Liquid after dissolved copper (copper about 180 g/L, the proportion of 1.38 to 1.42) into the settler.


2. After heating, distillation, crystal, etc, you will get high quality copper sulfate.


3. Copper sulfate is an important raw material for the preparation of other coppery compounds. It is used as a bactericide and as an electrolyte in the electrolysis of refined copper.As an analytical reagent, such as the B solution that can be used in biology to configure ferrin's reagent for the identification of reducing sugars and biuret's reagent for the identification of proteins, but is usually used on the spot.


4. Used as a food grade chelating agent and clarifier in the production of preserved eggs and wines.



5.Other copper salts such as cuprous chloride copper chloride pyrophosphate cuprous oxide copper acetate copper carbonate copper monoazo dyes such as reactive brilliant blue reactive purple; The paint industry is used to produce antifouling paint for ship bottom. Electroplating industry as a full bright acid copper plating main salt and copper ion additives; Used as a mordant in printing and dyeing industry and as an oxygen aid for fine dyeing cloth; The anhydrous salt is used to catalyze the reaction of anhydrous salt and potassium permanganate to form an oxidant for the conversion of primary alcohols.


6. In agriculture, it is mixed with limestone water to produce bordeaux liquid, which is used as a fungicide to control the fungus on the crops and prevent the fruit from decaying. Because copper ion is toxic to fish, the dosage must be strictly controlled.


Our customers come from all of around the world. Offering Customer-oriented service is our developing aim.



All in all, if you want to get high quality soluble copper machine for producing, we are a suitable manufacturer,have specialized in manfacturing soluble copper for 20 years.

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