10 Ton Copper Sulfate Machine

1. Material: 316L stainless steel.
, 2. Daily capacity:2/4/6/8/10T per day.
, 3. Hgih productivity.
4. Field installation adn trainng.
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Product Details

China First Manufacturer 10 Ton Copper Sulfate Machine

1. Product Description of 10 Ton Copper Sulfate Machine

Best Sale Copper Ssulfate Production Plant

2. Product Parameters of 10 Ton Copper Sulfate Machine


10 ton copper sulfate machine


316L stainless steel


10T per day.

Raw material

purple miscellaneous copper, wire, sheet, block, powder, etc

Output prodcuts

blue powder copper sulfate


Processing 1T copper can produce 4T copper sulfate.

3. Product Details of 10 Ton Copper Sulfate Machine.




Our Advantages:

* With 20 years professional experience in Copper Sulfate machine.

* One of the biggest copper/ferrous sulfate machine manufacturers in


* Safe, automatic and efficient design.

* High pressure vessel manufacturing licence.

* ISO9001:2008 quality system certification,CE for Copper Sulfate Production Plant.

* Worldwide customers in Egypt,Mexico, Albania,Kosovo,South Africa,Russia,

Middle East,Asia,East Europe, South America.....

4. Output Products Applications of 10 Ton Copper Sulfate Machine:

1) Feed Grade: Used for feed additives,stimulate the groeth of fattening pigs and broiler chicken etc.
2) Industrial Grade: Used for textile mordant,tanning leather,electrplating industrial, mining industrial, preservative of wood etc
3) Agriculture grade: Widely used in agriculture as fertilizer,fungicides,insecticides etc.

5. Certificates of 10 Ton Copper Sulfate Machine.

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