Packaging Vents Plugs For Chemicals Packing D15 HDPE

1.Prevent bloating 2.Prevent the bottle flat 3.Prevent leakage 4.Realize the pressure balance inside and outside the container

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Packaging vents plugs for chemicals packing D15 HDPE


Packaging Vents for Industrial Chemicals and Cleaners:

1.Some chemicals need to breathe,especially the hazardous formulations;

2.The vents prevent leaks and deformations,enhance container safely.

3.Minimize the risks of deform,leak and burst.



2.Membrane characteristics:Oleophobis & Hydrophobic

3.Easy to integrate without re-design of caps

D15 vent

Question 1:Do your packagings suffer bloating,swelling even bursting problems?

Question 2:Are you looking for a simple,effective and reliable venting solution?

Question 3:Do you want to work with the leader supplier in the venting market?

If you say Yes.We,Realtop, are the best answer!

Function of Realtop Venting cap plug:

1.Equalize pressure to prevent containers from bloating or collapsing without leaking;

2.Enable the use of thin-walled,light-weight packaging;

3.Easily adaptable to existing cap-lining equipment;

4.No need to modify or redesign cap/closure;

5.Availabe in a wide array of sizes that simply replaces any existing liner material.


Drawings of Packaging vents plugs for chemicals packing D15 HDPE




33 25 15cm

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