High Reputation D17 Vent Cap

1.Prevent bloating 2.Prevent the bottle flat 3.Prevent leakage 4.Realize the pressure balance inside and outside the container
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High reputation D17 vent cap


Packaging Vents: Molded Components

Equalizes pressure and prevents containers from bursting, collapsing or leaking to help avoid complaints and losses

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The Bottle (drums) cover with anti-corrosion chemicals vent membrane inside can be used in the following packaging containers, such as bleach, hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid, pesticides, cleaning agents, fungicides, etc., or strong acid and alkali solution or powder packaging Container.

High reputation D17 vent cap are constructed for rugged use.Each part is quality tested before it is sealed into the plastic component.They are available in various sizes fitting a volume range from 0.02-1500 liters,and simply snap or press-fit into place.We offer the best combination of liquid resistance and airflow through the use of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene(ePTFE).Vented containers using packaging vents have consistently demonstrated compliance with IMDG CODE and GB/T13508 test standards.

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