D17 Packaging Vent Plug For Agrochemicals And Other Chemicals Bottle/Cans

D17 Packaging Vent Plug For Agrochemicals And Other Chemicals Bottle/Cans

1.Prevent bloating 2.Prevent the bottle flat 3.Prevent leakage 4.Realize the pressure balance inside and outside the container

Product Details

D17 Packaging Vent Plug for Agrochemicals and other Chemicals Bottle/Cans


Packaging Vents: Molded Components

Equalizes pressure and prevents containers from bursting, collapsing or leaking to help avoid complaints and losses

Water resistant EPTFE breathable protective vent capWaterproof hydraulic air vent valve

Product features:

1.Balance internal and external pressure to prevent deformation;

2.High air permeability,dust and liquid resistance;

3.Small size,easy to install;

4.Quality assurance,cost control.

Protection solutions:

1.It can help the container to block the external moisture,dust and reaction particles,and keep the container dry and the inner liquid purity;

2.Anti splashing and anti-corrosion,effectively blocking the liquid or particle contained in the container,causing loss due to ecaporation or reaction;

3.Pressure relief and ventilation,release the internal pressure of the container caused by temperature,air pressure and liquid surge,and avoid the contaienr expansion and cracking;

4.Fast air exchange and high-throughput ventilation to solve the problem of internal shrinkage due to the sudden increase of external atmosphere;

5.Solve the problems of overflow,crack and internal shrinkage,and improve the safety of the sealer.




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