High Reputation Air Permeable Vent Bottle Plug

1.Prevent bloating 2.Prevent the bottle flat 3.Prevent leakage 4.Realize the pressure balance inside and outside the container
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High reputation Air permeable vent bottle plug


The reason why we use Air permeable vent bottle plug:

1.Realize the pressure balance inside and ourside the container to prevent deformation;

2.Barrier the water outside the container,dust into the container,prevent liquid deterioration;

3.Barrier the leakage of liquid or powder from the container to the external environment;

4.Improve the safety,stability and service life of the container;


Application of  air permeable vent bottle plug:

Peroxide,disinfectants,surfactants,peracetic acid,agrochemical pesticides,fungi fermentation broth,etc.

Microvent packaging vent

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