Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

1.waste plastic pyrolysis plant to fuel oil.
2.Energy saving production line.
3.CE, ISO cerficates.
4.Environmental production.
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Waste plastic pyrolysis plant Made in China

waste plastic pyrolysis plant

Technical parameter for waste plastic pyrolysis plant:





Pyrolysis Plant Daily Capcity



Reactor Size



Reactor Material



Reactor Thickness



Total Weight



Running Time



Operating Power



Space Needed

About 300㎡


Labour Needed

3-4 persons


Raw Material

Waste tire,plastic,rubber,etc


Heating Fuel

Coal,wood,fuel oil,gas,charcoal


Output Product

Fuel oil, carbon black,(steel wire)

Recycling Process of waste plastic pyrolysis plant:

waste plastic pyrolysis plant

1.Cut a whole car, bus or truck tire into 7-8 pieces.

2.Feed the furnace with the tire pieces.

3.After the tires are loaded, burn the hearth and start to heat the furnace, then start the power.

4. When the temperature reach 380℃, the oil gas begins to generate, it passes the interface channel and then goes into theatmolysis tower.

5.The heavy and light oil gas are separated in the atmolysis tower, the heavy one precipitate in the bottom, and the light one keeps on moving and going through the catalyst in the headpiece.(the quality of the oil catalyzed by the catalyst is better than the one never been catalyzed).

6. The oil gas catalyzed continues to pass the pipeline, and is turned into liquid fuel oil after the cooling of two condensers.

7. The fuel oil flows into the oil-gas separator,andprecipitate in the bottom. Till the whole process is finished, we collect the oil by the oil-out.

8.HC gas generates while the system generates the oil gas, when the fuel oil remains in the bottom of the separator, it goes on passing the pipeline, and goes into the gasholder finally.

9. One part of the HC gas is leaded on to the hearth and burnt as fuel there; while the other part is burnt in the burner.

10. In addition, the smoke dust produced by burning the fuel goes into the smoke dust processing system forpurification treatment.

The whole system output into the air is only the water steam, so it can not affect environment.

Raw material of waste plastic pyrolysis plant:

The raw material which can produce fuel oil by our waste plastic pyrolysis plant include waste plastic of PE, PP, PS, ABS, waste plastic from paper mills , and rubber cable, big tires and small tires,etc. As shown in the figure above, different types of plastic have different oil yields.

Pyrolysis Plant oil yield

Application of final products from waste plastic pyrolysis plant::

After the process of the waste plastic pyrolysis plant, you will get two different final products- pyrolysis oil and carbon black which can reapplied to different fields.

1. Pyrolysis oil

The main product, which is widely provided to the steel factory, boiler heating, heavy oil generator and cement factory as the fuel oil. Or you can refine it to get diesel and asphalt.

2. Carbon black

There are two ways to use it. Firstly, it can be made into pellets for burning and heating, just like coal. Secondly, you can make further refining for the pyrolysis carbon black to get N550, N660, N774 and other semi-reinforced carbon black, which could be used for making many kinds of rubber products, like new tire, shoe soles and paint.

waste plastic pyrolysis plant

waste plastic pyrolysis plant

Our Services for waste plastic pyrolysis plant

1.Our experienced engineers of waste plastic pyrolysis plant will be dispatched to your place to provide technical service in guiding plant installation, plant commissioning as well as worker training.

2.We all know that good plant design and quality are essential, and good installation and training service are as important as or even more important than good plant design and quality. It is very dangerous if clients can not install or run the plant properly.

3.So, after plant installation finishes, our engineers are required to help you run the plant for at least 15 batches, enabling your workers to master all the operating skills needed and then operate the plant on their own

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