Plastic Waste To Oil Pyrolysis Machine

1.Raw material: Plastic Waste, tyres,rubbger.
2.Daily capacicy: 5T to 30T per day.
3.CE, ISO cerficates.
4.batch type and continuous type.

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2020 Newest Designs Plastic Waste to Oil Pyrolysis Machine in China

Plastic Waste to Oil Pyrolysis Machine

What is pyrolysis technology ?

A: Pyrolysis is one of the leading edge technologies in the field of polymer energy study. The technology can use continuous process and industrial production to convert high-molecular-weight polymers (Scrap tyres, waste plastics, oil sludge and biomass) into high value added energy products with quality and high energy density, which are easy to store, transport and use. Pyrolysis technology can be uesd in a wide range. Please fell free to contact us if any cooperation is needed.

Plastic Waste to Oil Pyrolysis Machine

After being conveyed into the transitional bin from the feed device, scrap plastics are continuously taken into the reactor with specified catalyst. Fuel oil, combustible gas and recovered carbon black are obtained after normal-pressure and low-temperature pyrolysis reaction.

Plastic Waste to Oil Pyrolysis Machine

Plastic Waste to Oil Pyrolysis MachinePlastic Waste to Oil Pyrolysis Machine

Technical parameter for Plastic Waste to Oil Pyrolysis Machine





Pyrolysis Plant Daily Capcity



Reactor Size



Reactor Material



Reactor Thickness



Total Weight



Running Time



Operating Power



Space Needed

About 300㎡


Labour Needed

3-4 persons


Raw Material

Waste tire,plastic,rubber,etc


Heating Fuel

Coal,wood,fuel oil,gas,charcoal


Output Product

Fuel oil, carbon black,(steel wire)

Advantages of Realtop Plastic Waste to Oil Pyrolysis Machine:

1) Industrial continuous, massive throughput, enhance treatment efficiency and production capability.

2) Exclusive low temperature pyrolysis technology, low consumption, enhance oil yield and quality, ensure long term, continuous and steady operation of production , observably expand equipment' lifespan.

3) Exclusive anti-cocking, thermal distribution technology, enable the material equally heated and completely pyrolized, to achieved high quality product.

4) Exclusively hot seal technology, to ensure operation safe and reliable.

5) Exclusive gas purification and remaining heat recycling utilization technology, purified gas can be used for heating system as combustible gas, remaining heat can be dully utilized, realized self-supply for pyrolysis reaction without extra heating source, dramatically minimize running cost.

6) Exhaust gas of production line has been tested, all emission parameter meet the requirement of EU EEA of EU and US EPA.

7) Entire production line adopt PLC intelligent control, warning, alarm and auto-correction function, insure operation under safety condition.

8) Low requirement for manpower, Low working intensity and clean production.

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Plastic Waste to Oil Pyrolysis Machine

Plastic Waste to Oil Pyrolysis Machine


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