Plastic Waste Recycling To Oil Machine

1.Green technology plastic waste recycling to oil machine.
2.Daily capacicy: 5T to 30T per day.
3.CE, ISO cerficates.
4.batch type and continuous type.
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2020 plastic waste recycling to oil machine Newest Generation Plastic Pyrolysis Oil Machine

Process Description of plastic waste recycling to oil machine

◆After the raw material enters the cracking chamber through the cracking chamber gate, the cracking kettle is a continuously heating environment. The material oil is used as fuel oil to heat the cracking kettle within 2 hours before the start. When the temperature reaches 120°C, the industrial waste starts to crack. The waste gas produced by itself begins to provide heat to the cracking kettle, saving fuel costs such as material oil, and then the temperature of the cracking kettle gradually rises, and when it reaches about 400°C, the cracking is basically completed.

◆Light oil and gas enter the condenser through the air bag, and the condensed liquid oil is stored in the oil tank, and the heavy oil components fall back to the main furnace for cracking (so our company’s equipment does not produce heavy oil or residual oil); the oil and gas follow the pipeline Entering the precipitation tank, the initially purified oil and gas then enter the tube condenser. After being fully cooled by the cooling system, the oil and gas are converted into industrial fuel and flow into the oil tank through the buffer tank.

◆Non-condensable gases (main chemical components C1 and C4) alkanes enter the gas purification device through the condenser, and enter the safety water seal after purification (the safety water seal is also called a flame arrestor to prevent the fire in the furnace from returning and ensure the entire equipment It is also one of the safety devices in the whole set of equipment), and then it is burned through the second safety device gas nozzle for self-heating use. Because the main components are C1 and C4 alkanes, they are fully burned, colorless and odorless. No pollution, environmental protection and energy saving, effectively saving customer costs.

◆Slagging is the precipitation of carbon black. Generally, when the cracking is completed and the temperature of the main furnace drops to 80 degrees, it is recommended to begin precipitation of carbon black. The carbon black precipitation process is fully automatic sealing treatment.

◆Dust removal, non-condensable gas in the preheating treatment, use the gas spray gun and blower to make it fully burned, the gas in the combustion process, the harmful substances in the gas have been burned. In order to further respond to the national environmental protection requirements, the burned gas is further purified; a dust suppression system composed of spray and water film combined with chemical and physical methods is used. Use dust removal to purify the acidic substances and other impurities in the flue gas after combustion, so that it can meet the national emission standards.

◆This process uses the principle of low-temperature cracking, the normal cracking temperature does not exceed 400 ℃, and the pressure during the entire production process is not higher than 0.02MPa.

Technical Parameters of plastic waste recycling to oil machine





Pyrolysis Plant Daily Capcity



Reactor Size



Reactor Material



Reactor Thickness



Total Weight



Running Time



Operating Power



Space Needed

About 300㎡


Labour Needed

3-4 persons


Raw Material

Waste tire,plastic,rubber,etc


Heating Fuel

Coal,wood,fuel oil,gas,charcoal


Output Product

Fuel oil, carbon black,(steel wire)






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