Waste Vegetable Oil Burner

1.Appliactions for variosu boilers or kilns.
2.Fuel type: waste oils.
3.Fully automatially burners.
4.Exo-friendly waste oil burner

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China No.1 Sale Waste Vegetable Oil Burner Used Engine Oil Burners for Boiler Parts

Waste Vegetable Oil Burner

Techniacl Parameters :

ModelOutput Power(KW)MotorNozzleOil Combustion(Kg/h)Power Supply








Transfer oil pump



Install screw



Air controller



Inner six angle spanner



Install flange



Nozzle Spanner



Asbestos gasket



Oil filter



Outlet-inlet pipe



Oil line connector


Waste Vegetable Oil Burner

Waste Vegetable Oil Burner

Waste Vegetable Oil Burner

Waste Vegetable Oil Burner

Fuel Types of Waste Vegetable Oil Burner:

Waste oil from cars and machines



Vegetable oil and bio fuel

Used sunflower oil from fast food

Fish oil

Crude oil

Furnace oil

Synthetic pyrolysis fuel oil etc.

Futures and Technologies:

1. Best fuel filtration

A standard car oil filter is used as the main filtering element. This ensures high level of fuel precleaning as well as fast and cheap replacement when it gets dirty.

2. Extra filter in preheating camber

An additional fin-mesh strainer in preheating chamber ensures maximum purity of fuel before it goes into the nozzle unit so making service interval for a nozzle longer.

3. Safety overflow sensor

Our waste vegetable oil burners are equipped with an additional fuel overflow sensor which increase safety of use.

4. Primary air preheating

The air line with primary(compressed) air goes through the preheating chamber with fuel heat up to 60-110℃. This improves fuel combustion and reduces gum formation, increase burner efficiency and service interval.

5. Moisture separating

A moisture separating filter in the system of air input from the outer compressor allows to exclude moisture and oil in the air fuel mix. This allows the waste vegetable burners work more steady with any type of compressor, and increase burner efficiency.

6. Precision and easy air control

Easy and reliable control of secondary air simlifies fine-turning of a burner with any type of boilers and hot air generations.

Maintenace of Waste Vegetable Oil Burner

Waste Vegetable Oil Burner

Release the screw of the rocker arm flange (Item 17), the waste vegetable oil burner can be stretched like rotating convenient maintenance of the combustion head.


waste vegetable oil burner

waste vegetable oil burner

Installation of Waste Vegetable Oil Burner

1. Install the mounting flange asbestos gasket on the combustion tube, extend the combustion tube into the furnace, and align the screw holes to fix the mounting flange on the furnace body. After confirming the position of the extension into the furnace, lock the screws everywhere. Make sure that the burner is installed firmly. Note that the burner should be installed horizontally or vertically, not inclined.

2. After the burner body is installed, connect the fuel oil inlet and return pipe to the oil inlet and return port of the oil pump according to the design. It should be noted that a filter should be installed on the oil inlet pipe and the filter should be cleaned regularly. Check the tightness of the pipeline after the connection is complete.

Operation of Waste Vegetable Oil Burner

1. Press the fire start button on the combustion control panel. After the mother fire work indicator lights up for 10 seconds, confirm that the mother fire is lit. If the main fire indicator light goes out within 10 seconds, the combustion failure alarm buzzer on the combustion control panel will sound, indicating that the ignition has failed; after 60 seconds, manually press the fault reset button of the programmer to restart the main fire button. [1]
2. After the main fire is ignited normally, the operator confirms whether the main fire is ignited through the burner observation hole. After confirming, press the large fire start button on the burner control panel. After a few seconds delay, after the high fire work indicator lights up, the operator in front of the furnace should slowly open the load regulating ball valve and increase the combustion air proportionally until the flame appears Main blue plus reddish color is good.
3. After the fire is ignited and stabilized, check whether the gas supply pressure of the main pipeline is within the normal range.
4. The fan starts and enters the pre-blowing stage. Check that the equipment is in a normal state.
5. Observe the gas and air pressure instructions, and confirm that the burner operation permission instructions are given.
6. Press the combustion control button on the combustion control panel, and the combustion controller enters the combustion start program at this time.
7. The ignition task for the next open fire has been completed. The operator should turn off the main fire button on the panel in time, cut off the main fire and keep the fire burning.
8. The operator can adjust the size of the flame (load) at any time according to the process requirements during the burning process of the big fire. When the process requires that the fire be turned off for a short time, the operator should turn on the main fire switch to retain the main fire, and then turn off the high fire switch.
9. Adjust the gas valve and air valve operating handles, which can be adjusted in stages to ensure that the burner load output meets the process requirements.
10. Shutdown operation: temporarily shut down, turn off the fire, then turn off the combustion control switch, and then turn off the stop button.

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feedback Waste Vegetable Oil Burner

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