Used Oil Boiler Burner

1.Eco-friendly Used Oil Boiler Burner. 2.CE approval 3.for various used oil, like used cook oil, engine oil etc.. 4.factory supply.

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Used Oil Boiler Burner Waste Engine Oil Vegetable Oil 

Burners Heating oil Burner for Furnace

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Used Oil Boiler Burner

Techniacl Parameters

ModelOutput Power(KW)MotorNozzleOil Combustion(Kg/h)Power Supply


Applications of Used Oil Boiler Burner

1. Used in boilers to burn steam and boiling water: such as garment factories, catering industries, etc.;

2. Used in powder spray drying production line;

3. Applied in zinc aluminum alloy die casting industry;

4. Applied to various thermal energy equipment, such as road construction, asphalt heating heat conduction furnace, food oven, air conditioning machine heater, snow sweeper, garbage incinerator, hot air generator and various general boilers.


Advantages of Used Oil Boiler Burner

1. Reduce energy consumption and reduce environmental pollution;

2. Use fuel (bio-oil, heavy oil, diesel, alcohol-based fuel, etc.) as fuel, which is clean and environmentally friendly;

3. The combustion efficiency is high. The gasification combustion method and the multi-stage air distribution design make the combustion efficiency as high as 98%;

4. The heating temperature is high;

5. Simple operation: automatic ignition, temperature control, no manual;

6. Wide range of applications: suitable for all kinds of domestic and industrial boilers.


Packaging & Shipping

Waste Vegetable Oil Burner

Packing: In cartons or wooden cases for Used Oil Boiler Burner.

Delivery time: within 5 days after receive the payment.


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feedback Waste Vegetable Oil Burner

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