Pyrolysis Fuel Waste Used Oil Burner In Stocks

1.Burning fuel: waste vegetable oil, fuel oil, engine oil, pyrolysis oil etc.
2.230V, 50HZ, or customized for you.
3.Fast delivery.
4.The burner is automatic ,efficienct and enviromental.

Product Details

Pyrolysis Fuel Waste Used Oil Burner in Stocks


Basic Info

  • Principle: Burner

  • Structure Material: Metal Material

  • Application: Heater

  • Heat Transfer Surface: Burner

    The burner integrates oil heating, supply, atomization, air supply, ignition, flame monitoring, etc.
As a whole, the automatic control of the combustion process is realized. Due to the design and structure of the burner
A series of measures have been adopted, which has the following characteristics:
1. Good oil atomization
The burner adopts low-pressure air atomization, and the fuel is sucked in by compressed air.
When the pressure>0.15MPa, a satisfactory atomization effect can be obtained.
2. Good gas coordination, stable flame and high combustion efficiency.
The burner adopts both swirling and DC air distribution to fully mix the fuel and combustion air,
A relatively satisfactory fuel concentration field is obtained, and the swirling wind causes the reflux of high temperature flue gas,
The flame stability is greatly improved, so the combustion is complete and the smoke is clean.
3. Safe and reliable, fully automatic control
Adopt the international advanced flame monitoring and combustion safety controller, according to the safety
All requirements, realized oil temperature control, air supply, ignition, fuel injection, combustion, shutdown, restart
Wait for fully automatic program control, when any one of the programs fails, it can automatically stop.

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Product Description

Auto-operation features
Manual switch for one stage/two stage
Sweep the tube before ignition.
Safety flame monitors system.

The air gate will close automatic commissioning and maintenance.
It's Convenient for the installation, commissioning and maintenance.
The burner is easy to install for the portable body, The client just connects the power supply and gas suply

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