Low Smoke Waste Oil Burner

1.Burning fuel: waste vegetable oil, fuel oil, engine oil, pyrolysis oil etc.
2.230V, 50HZ, or customized for you.
3.Fast delivery.
4.The burner is automatic ,efficienct and enviromental.

Product Details

Multi Fuel Waste Oil Burner

The burner produced by our company can be said to be "Zero-cost Burner". The burner combines the most advanced international technology and some spare parts to develop a new generation of energy-saving products.

The main products of the maintenance process to replace the waste oil, waste gear oil and gutter oil as the main raw materials, but also can use in addition to gasoline almost all liquid oil, such as: diesel oil, kerosene oil, rapeseed oil and cottonseed oil, so as to eliminate waste oil pollution to the environment.
The burner integrates oil heating, supply, atomization, air supply, ignition and flame monitoring into one to realize the automatic control of the combustion process.

Product Overview


Product Parameters

ModelOutput Power(KW)MotorNozzleOil Combustion(Kg/h)Power Supply


Transfer oil pump1
Air controller1
Install flange1
Asbestos gasket1
Outlet-inlet pipe2

Install screw

Inner six angle spanner 1
Nozzle spanner1
Oil filter1
Oil line connector4

Product features
1. The combustor can reach the ideal combustion state, the emission meets the standard, and does not pollute the environment;
2. It can burn various liquid oils such as waste engine oil, diesel, heavy diesel, sweet water oil, residual oil, edible oil, etc.
3. The diameter of the liquid mist particles is less than 40 microns, and the distribution is even.
4. The flash point of fuel is not limited by the ambient temperature, and it is not afraid of cold winter.
5. The operation is simple, fast and convenient. Energy saving and environmental protection.
6. The fuel does not need any additive treatment.
7. The original structure of the barn (original equipment) is not changed.
8. No wearing parts and long service life.
9. Perfect electronic protection, safe and reliable.

Possible failures and solutions

Fault types

Possible reasons

Elimination method

The burner does not start

.No or low voltage power line
.The isolation switch is not closed
The thermostat wire is not connected according to the circuit diagram
Open the thermostat
.The thermostat or pressure switch is not closed
.Short circuit of photoresistor
.The controller is damaged

. Check causes and rule them out


.Fix the connection

.Correct the thermostat

.Raise the set point, or wait for the temperature or pressure to naturally decrease until closing


The burner spouts oil, but the ignition does not start and the burner stops (the red light is on). If the oil is in good condition (not contaminated by water or other things) and the fuel atomizes well, then the fault lies with the ignition device.

.Ignition circuit failure

.Ignition transformer conductor aging failure

.Ignition transformer wires are not really in good condition

.Ignition transformer damaged

.Incorrect distance between ignition electrode tips

.Discharge the electrode to the ground (shell), because the electricity is very dirty or the insulation is damaged, and check the terminal post of the remover

.Check the whole circuit and repair




.Adjust to the correct position

.Clean and replace if necessary

The burner spouts oil, but the ignition does not start and the burner stops (the red light is on)

.The air pressure is not normal

.Water in oil

.Too much combustion air

.The passage between the swirler and the combustion head is too large

.Worn or dirty fuel injector

.Re-adjust the air pressure

.Remove water
.Reduce the amount of combustion air (close the small damper)
.Adjust the combustion head to the correct position
.Clean or replace

The fuel injector does not inject fuel and causes the stop (fault red light is on)

No oil in the tank

.Clogged nozzle
.The suction valve is leaking or blocked
.The solenoid valve is not working (closed)

.Check the fuel tank and refuel

.Remove and wash thoroughly

.Remove and clean

.Repair, replace if necessary

Shipping Details

Waste Vegetable Oil Burner

Packing: In cartons or wooden cases for waste vegetable oil burners.

Delivery time: within 5 days after receive the payment.

Feedbacks fro Customers

feedback 2 Waste Vegetable Oil Burner

feedback Waste Vegetable Oil Burner


Q1. What's your minimum order?
A:1 PC.

Q2. Can different voltage use it?
A: Yes. Generally speaking, our voltage of our Waste Oil Burner has 220V and 380V. Please inform us if you need other voltage.

Q3.How does your factory do regarding quality control?
A:Quality is priority. We always attach great importance to quality controlling. Our own QC staffs, check the quality strictly before delivering for our clients.

Q4.How do you ship the goods and how long does it take?
A:We usually ship by FEDEX, DHL, UPS, TNT. It takes 3-5 days to arrive. By air, by sea is also OK.

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