Fully Automatic Boiler Parts Waste Engine Oil Burners For Sale

1.Burning fuel: waste vegetable oil, fuel oil, engine oil, pyrolysis oil etc.
2.230V, 50HZ, or customized for you.
3.Fast delivery.
4.The burner is automatic ,efficienct and enviromental.

Product Details

Fully Automatic Boiler Parts Waste Engine Oil Burners for Sale

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: RT

  • Certification: CE, ISO

  • Brand: REALTOP

  • Output Power: 12~1750KW

  • Origin: China

  • Type: Induction Heating Machine

  • Structure: Vertical Type

  • Material: Stainless Steel

  • Weight: Up to the type 

  • Trademark: REALTOP


Fault types

Possible reasons

Elimination method

The burner does not start






Ø  No   or low voltage power line

Ø  The   isolation switch is not closed

Ø  The   thermostat wire is not connected according to the circuit diagram

Ø  Open   the thermostat

Ø  The   thermostat or pressure switch is not closed

Ø  Short   circuit of photoresistor

Ø  The   controller is damaged

Ø  Check   causes and rule them out

Ø  Closed 

Ø  Fix   the connection

Ø  Correct   the thermostat

Ø  Raise   the set point, or wait for the temperature or pressure to naturally decrease   until closing

Ø  Replace

The burner spouts oil, but the ignition does not start   and the burner stops (the red light is on). If the   oil is in good condition (not contaminated by water or other things) and the   fuel atomizes well, then the fault lies with the ignition device.




Ø  Ignition   circuit failure

Ø  Ignition   transformer conductor aging failure

Ø  Ignition   transformer wires are not really in good condition

Ø  Ignition   transformer damaged

Ø  Incorrect   distance between ignition electrode tips

Ø  Discharge the   electrode to the ground (shell), because the electricity is very dirty or the   insulation is damaged, and check the terminal post of the remover

Ø  Check the whole   circuit and repair

Ø  Replace

Ø  Tighten

Ø  Change of

Ø  Adjust to the   correct position

Ø  Clean and   replace if necessary


The burner spouts oil, but the ignition does not start   and the burner stops (the red light is on)



Ø  The air pressure is not normal

Ø  Water in oil

Ø  Too much combustion air

Ø  The passage between the swirler and the   combustion head is too large

Ø  Worn or dirty fuel injector

Ø  Re-adjust the air pressure

Ø  Remove water

Ø  Reduce the amount of combustion air   (close the small damper)

Ø  Adjust the combustion head to the   correct position

Ø  Clean or replace

The fuel injector does not inject fuel and causes the stop   (fault red light is on)

Ø  No oil in the tank

Ø  Clogged nozzle

Ø  The suction valve is leaking or   blocked

Ø  The solenoid valve is not working   (closed)

Ø  Check the fuel tank and refuel

Ø  Remove and wash thoroughly

Ø  Remove and clean

Ø  Repair, replace if necessary


Stop when there is a flame burning (fault red light on)   the fault occurs on the flame controller

Ø  Photosensitive   resistance damaged or blocked by lampblack

Ø  Insufficient   ventilation

Ø  The   photosensitive resistance circuit is damaged

Ø  Cyclone   or combustion head fouling

Ø  Replace   or clean

Ø  Check   the flue of boiler and chimney and sweep it

Ø  Replace

Ø  Remove

Noise from oil pump







Ø  Tubing   diameter too small

Ø  Air   leaks into the tubing

Ø  The   distance between the fuel tank and the burner is too long, or the additional   local resistance (elbow, throttle, etc.) is too large

Ø  The   oil filter dirty

Ø  The   hose damage

Ø  Replace   tubing according to instructions

Ø  Look   for leaks and remove them

Ø  Shorten   the length of the suction pipe

Ø  Cleaning

Ø  Replace

Bad flame, there are sparks

Ø  Atomized   air pressure is too low

Ø  Burning   too much air

Ø  Nozzle   failure (wear or blockage)

Ø  There   is water in the fuel oil

Ø  Raise   air pressure

Ø  Reduced   combustion air

Ø  Clean   or replace

Ø  Clear   water


Bad shape of flame, smoke and carbon black







Ø There   is not enough burning air

Ø Nozzle   failure (wear or failure)

Ø Combustion   chamber design is not reasonable or too small

Ø Relative   to the size of the combustion chamber, the amount of fuel injection from the   nozzle is insufficient

Ø Unsuitable   or too large refractory asbestos seal ring

Ø A   boiler or chimney pipe is blocked

Ø  Atomization   pressure is too low

Ø  Increase   the amount of burning air

Ø  Clean   or replace

Ø  Reduce   the amount of fuel injected to suit the capacity of the combustion chamber,   or replace the burner

Ø  Replace   the nozzle to increase its output

Ø  Correct   the size of the sealing ring

Ø  Remove   dust

Ø  Higher   oil pressure


Bad flame, pulsating   or de-firing








Ø Excessive   ventilation force (only if there is an induced draft fan in the flue)

Ø Nozzle   failure (wear or blockage)

Ø There   is water in the fuel oil

Ø Cyclone   fouling

Ø Burning   too much air

Ø The   passage between the cyclone and the burner is too large

Ø  The   speed of the induced draft fan is adjusted by changing the diameter of the   pulley

Ø  Clean   or replace the nozzle

Ø  Clear   water

Ø  cleaning

Product Description

1. Brief introduction:

The pilot burner is of a flame retention system. It performs the stable flames even in turbulent air flow can be ensured. A strong pilot flame can secure ignition of the main burner .
Well-arranged layout of the burner head, fan, and controller results entirely compact construction to enable effective use of a small space.
Both the main and the pilot burner are so designed as to allow simple removal and reinstallation, thus providing ease of inspection, cleaning and other maintenance .

2. Advantage:

Automatic: Automatic ignition, workers-nursing unnecessary.
Flame: Flame adjustable,freely by air-inlet controller easily.
Environmentally: Environmentally friendly,exhausting air complies with the requirement.

3. Application: 

Suitable for small boiler and drying heating equipment.

4.The basic problem:

1. Oil burner with CE aproval.
2. Two-stage sliding/modulating working.

3. Combustion air intake with air flow adjustment device.

4. The burner is paused, close the throttle to reduce the loss of furnace heat.

5. The hinge connection, can be opened naturally.
6. Maintenance facilitated by the fact that the atomisation unit can be removed without having to remove the burner from the boiler.

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