Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant Natural Rubber

- Jun 13, 2017-

1. Waste Tire Introduction With the energy, resources and environmental protection on the economic development of the pressure to increase the concept of the development of circular economy more and more attention. China is the rubber consumption and rubber import power, while waste tire production is also ranked the forefront of the world, waste tires caused by environmental pollution and waste of resources has become increasingly prominent, therefore, to promote the recycling of waste tires can not only alleviate the shortage of rubber resources in China , While also reducing the "black pollution", which for the development of circular economy, the establishment of a conservation-oriented society is very important. Rubber tire is now used with natural rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, butadiene rubber and so on rubber, according to the requirements of the use of tires choose two or more than used together, rubber combined with carbon black, sulfur and other additives after refining Machine, mixer mixing evenly, processing vulcanization molding made of. And if not properly handled waste tires will cause great damage to the environment.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the rapid development of the automobile industry, the rapid growth of social car ownership, the demand for tires increased year by year, the resulting waste tires also double-digit increase in the rapid increase. According to the China Rubber Industry Association statistics, in 2007 China's tire production was 316 million (excluding motorcycle tires, the same below), compared with 2006 growth of 23% in 2008 reached 350 million, an increase of 10.6%. China's production of waste tires in the same period from 2006 to 150 million in 2008 to 190 million. At present, China has become second only to the United States the second largest waste tires to produce the country. Increasingly increasing waste tires have also increased the pressure on resources and the environment. Since 2004, China has become the world's largest rubber consumer for many years. In 2008, China's rubber consumption reached 5.5 million tons, but China's own rubber Resource shortage, the national rubber resources accounted for only 10% of the world, consumption accounted for 22% of the world, the shortage of rubber resources can not meet the growth of domestic demand. In 2007 China's imports of natural rubber 1.65 million tons, import dependence for 5 consecutive years in more than 70%, imports of synthetic rubber 1.4 million tons, the import dependence reached 60%. China's rubber consumption in more than 60% for tire production, tire production consumption of rubber volume of the sharp rise and a large number of waste tires directly abandoned the domestic rubber resources and the excessive shortage of excessive dependence on imports. China's foreign rubber dependence has exceeded the oil, iron ore, wood and other materials, foreign dependence. At the same time, the rapid growth of waste tires has become a new source of solid waste pollution. Waste tires have a strong resistance to heat, anti-biological, anti-mechanical, and difficult to degradation. Long-term open piles, not only take up a lot of land, and easy to breed mosquito-borne diseases, causing a fire, often referred to as "black pollution." Therefore, the use of advanced technology and technology, make full use of China's waste tire resources is to protect the environment and solve the shortage of rubber resources and alternative import an effective way, but also a top priority.