Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant Mainly Reflects In

- Aug 02, 2017-

Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant mainly reflects in

Are there any pollution to the environment

Waste Tire Pyrolysis Equipment is an environmentally friendly, non-polluting equipment that can handle used tires. This equipment converts waste tires into fuel, carbon black and steel wire by means of pyrolysis. Henan Beigong machinery and equipment production of waste tire pyrolysis equipment prepared to attach great importance to their own environmental protection system, mainly reflected in the four aspects:

First, the water treatment:

Part of the condenser water, without any pollution.

Another part of the dust is water, is circulating water, only evaporation, no emissions.

Second, the exhaust treatment:

1, is the feed when the feed port leak a very small amount of water vapor and a small amount of oil and gas, recovered by the oil hood by the second combustion into the dust collector,

2, the second is the coal dust from the fan to the dust collector to deal with the chimney discharge, to ensure that dust emissions to meet the relevant standards.

3, is the reactor out of the C4 below the normal temperature, atmospheric pressure can not be recycled by the igniter by the pipeline into the furnace by the gas gun burning, both energy saving and environmental protection. In the production process, the equipment is fully sealed state of operation, phosphating fluid without any smell.

Third, the waste treatment:

1, is discharged from the reactor residue, the high temperature non-toxic and tasteless, can be used for carbon black work can also be used for building materials.

2, is the remaining coal slag, can be used for building materials, both without any emissions.

Fourth, the noise treatment: equipment selection of low noise fan, noise less than 60 decibels, power with part of the noise and the feeder noise are not more than 50 dB.

So the North industrial machinery and equipment professional waste tire pyrolysis equipment prepared for the treatment of waste gas, waste water, waste residue and other substances and worry about the basic production in the same time can be dealt with in a timely manner, save a lot of trouble.

First, the new waste tire cracking equipment using the international top technology - zero stripping technology, and the traditional technology is different from the thermal cracking process does not require the use of special technology to wire and rubber for the second separation, this operation for reducing energy consumption Has a key role, thereby reducing capital investment, to a large extent enhance the economic efficiency of the rise.

Second, in order to effectively ensure that the gas is not spilled in the production process, improve the thermal cracking efficiency, thermal cracking using micro-negative pressure process technology, this advantage is to fundamentally eliminate the gas spill caused by the insecurity.

Third, the new waste tire cracking equipment production process, the rubber after thermal cracking, most of the liquid into a small amount of flammable gas circulation as a pyrolysis furnace fuel use. Thus ensuring the pyrolysis furnace heat supply, reducing emissions, improve the economic and environmental benefits.

Fourth, the new waste tire cracking equipment designed to meet international standards, compact structure, scientific and efficient production line design, safe and stable operation, processing power, the appropriate mix between the various systems, to improve work efficiency, reduce energy consumption, protect the ecological environment Positive meaning.