Waste Tire Oil Refining Legal?

- Jan 19, 2017-

"Oil refineries" are not valid.

"Soil refinery" is using acquisition to of waste oil, and waste tire, material, after simple of cooking or other way "refining" out of diesel, its not only serious disrupt market order, serious pollution atmosphere environment, and for its equipment crude, and process simple, and products rough business, free Yu regulatory zhiwai, exists major of security hidden, serious threat with public of life and property security.

Resolutely banned according to the illegal production and business activities without a license, enterprise-wide management of certificates of in-depth investigation and crack down on illegal activities.

Environmental waste tire oil refinery is located legally. First of all, you have to go through the operating procedures, and then, from regular manufacturers to buy scrap tires oil refining equipment, and finally to confirm oil refining equipment of environmental protection issues.Waste oil refining equipment do not pollute the environment depends on the refining equipment of environmental protection do not.

The handling of waste in the production process

1. Exhaust emissions.

Through two security apparatus water seal and full combustion of gas nozzle, canbe eliminated, air pollution, and saving a lot of fuel carbon are made of water-filmdust collector and dust emissions to meet international emission standards of airpollutants.

2. The waste stream.

Oil processing, will have some weak acid waste water (per 1 ton of oil produces about 50 kilograms of waste water, small, easy to handle). By joining a weak alkali solution and back, three-level neutral wastewater is filtered, achieved after the harmless, evaporation of the exhaust to a dedicated processor (the heat the flue waste heat of the processor) to evaporate.

3. The solid waste.

After the waste plastics by catalytic pyrolysis, there will be some solid residue, accounted for about weight of waste plastic from 5% to 10%. The main componentsof crude carbon black. Can be used as raw material for production of industrial soot or coal as raw material and mixture of fly ash of thermal power plant, as the manufacture of fly-ash brick (an environmentally friendly building material) raw material.