Waste Rubber Pyrolysis Equipment Pyrolytic Derivative Oil

- Aug 29, 2017-

waste rubber pyrolysis equipment Pyrolytic derivative oil

The main product and application of heat solution of waste tyre

Since waste tires contain a lot of elements such as carbon and hydrogen, the product of the pyrolysis waste tires is gas, liquid oil and carbon black. The pyrolysis gas consists of a carbon monoxide, hydrogen, nitrogen, a small amount of methane, ethane, and hydrogen sulfide. Pyrolytic gas has the same calorific value as natural gas, which can be used as fuel. Pyrolysis derivative oil can be used as fuel, as well as catalytic cracking of raw materials to produce high quality gasoline. The pyrolysis carbon black can be used to prepare the rubber/bituminous mixture, which is better than the asphalt pavement when paving. Activated carbon can be prepared from carbon black for water purification treatment agent.

Several effective ways to heat up waste tyres

Liquid fuel preparation

The waste tyres are broken into small particles with a diameter of about 100mm, not removing the steel wire, and they are put into a pyrolysis furnace. The pyrolysis furnace is an external heat type, which USES the generated gas to heat the reaction piping with the spiral feeder from the outside, so that the waste glue can be decomposed and the oil and gas are eliminated quickly by the decompression method. Since the spiral feed reaction pipe is an enclosed device of external heating, the process is free of pollution and the properties of oil production are shown in table 2. If sulphur is removed from oil or added antioxidants to make the work fuel oil use.

The preparation of carbon black

Japanese hyogo prefecture experiment field kobe steel, for the purpose of thermal decomposition of waste tyres recycling carbon black, set up a waste tire processing equipment, processing tires 7000 t, recycled carbon black 2100 t, 2800 t oil, scrap steel, 350 t and combustible gas. This method adopts external heat - back converter. Through to the recovery of carbon black, carbon black and the comparison of high wear-resistant carbon black, can see recycled carbon black and commercial carbon black different characteristics value, but its complexes are higher than general carbon black reinforcing sex, and high wear-resistant carbon black are approximate. So the recovery of carbon black is a new reinforcing agent. It can meet the requirement of general rubber products and obtain better economic benefits.