Waste Rubber Pyrolysis Equipment Pyrolysis Industry

- Jul 18, 2017-

waste rubber pyrolysis equipment Pyrolysis industry

Waste tire pyrolysis industrialization problems to achieve a breakthrough

With the rapid development of the automobile industry, the production of waste tires is increasing. 2013 production of waste tires for more than 300 million, weighing 15 million tons, equivalent to natural rubber resources of about 5.3 million tons, equivalent to China's 6.5 years of natural rubber production. China's annual production of waste tires is expected to increase at an annual rate of 5%, the production of waste tires in 2020 is expected to exceed 20 million tons.

Production of 1 ton of low-end tires about 3-4 tons of oil, the production of 1 ton of high-end tires about 8 tons of oil. According to the average 1 ton tire needs 6 tons of oil, the production of 20 million tons of tires need 120 million tons of oil, equivalent to Daqing Oilfield 3 years, Shengli Oilfield 4 years of mining, which for our country such a nearly 75% 60% of the oil and more than 40% of the synthetic rubber need to import the country, its strategic significance is unusual. In China, natural rubber imports have been higher than the dependence on oil, iron ore and grain, the first column. Rubber has become an important strategic resource for China's national economy and military development. Vigorously develop the comprehensive utilization of tires is significant and far - reaching.

China's "comprehensive utilization of waste tires guidance" that: the comprehensive utilization of waste tires, China has initially formed the old tire refurbishment and re-manufacturing, waste tire production of renewable rubber, rubber powder and pyrolysis four business segments. Among the four professions, the pyrolysis is achieved by the 100% recycling of tire resources, known as the "ultimate concern" of tire life. By pyrolysis can produce about 45% of the fuel oil, 35% of the carbon black, 10% of the wire, there are about 10% of the non-condensable gas, as a pyrolysis heat source recycling. After the combustion of flue gas, flue gas purification system through the cleaning treatment, discharge standards, eliminating the secondary pollution, to achieve the effective protection of the atmospheric environment.

Henan North to eradicate the comprehensive utilization of renewable resources as a breakthrough in the secondary pollution to improve industrial economic and social benefits of the simultaneous development as the goal, through the concept of air pollution prevention and control under the tires of waste tire industrialization continue in-depth study, thoroughly To solve the bottleneck restricting the development of the industry, the field of air pollution control technology in the world leader in the recycling of recycled products continue to enhance the sustainable and healthy development of industry leading role in the demonstration is more and more significant.

Advanced technology only to achieve industrialization can make a difference in social development. Henan Beizhen always eradicate the comprehensive utilization of renewable resources, secondary pollution, to achieve air pollution prevention and control technology under the clean production, to ensure sustainable and healthy development of the industry as the basic goal of enterprise pursuit. After continuous research and development, made a series of scientific research, air pollution prevention and control technology to achieve a number of breakthroughs to solve the stability of the pyrolysis industry sustained and healthy development bottlenecks,

Background information

◆ China is the world's largest rubber consumer, its consumption accounted for nearly one-third of the world's total rubber consumption, while the world's largest rubber importer, more than 75% of natural rubber and more than 40% Synthetic rubber is dependent on imports, of which the import dependence of natural rubber (75%) has been higher than the oil (60%), iron ore and grain, ranked first. Rubber has become an important strategic resource for the development of China's national economy.

China's natural rubber annual output of about 800,000 tons, the future growth of production is also very limited, resulting in China's rubber resources are very scarce countries, the contradiction between supply and demand is very prominent, the shortage of rubber resources on the impact of national economic development has become increasingly prominent.