Waste Rubber Pyrolysis Equipment Environmental Pollution

- Oct 12, 2017-

waste rubber pyrolysis equipment Environmental pollution

Are waste tires refined on the environment?

Waste tire refinery equipment is an environmentally friendly non-polluting equipment can be used to deal with waste tires, the equipment can be waste tires through high temperature pyrolysis into fuel, carbon black, wire. Machinery and equipment production of waste tire refining equipment attaches great importance to their own environmental protection system, mainly reflected in the four aspects:

First, the water treatment:

Part of the condenser water, without any pollution.

Another part of the dust is water, is the circulating water, only evaporation, no emissions.

Second, the exhaust treatment:

1, is the feed when the feed port leakage of a small amount of water vapor and a small amount of oil and gas, by the oil hood recovery by the second combustion into the dust treatment,

2, the second is the coal dust from the fan to the dust collector to deal with the chimney discharge, to ensure that dust emissions to meet the relevant standards.

3, is the reactor out of the C4 below the normal temperature, atmospheric pressure can not be recycled gas by the firewheel from the pipeline into the furnace by the gas gun burning, both energy saving and environmental protection. In the production process, the equipment is fully sealed state of operation, phosphating fluid without any smell.

Waste tire refining profits how?

Now we are promoting waste recycling, recycling second-hand use. So what about the profits of waste tires in the current automotive industry? We together look!

Soil refining profit

The profits from the refining of the indigenous law are quite attractive, and in general there are seven or eight million yuan to build a "soil" refinery, in two to three months time to be able to recover the cost of their investment. Refining tires are generally from the auto repair shop to buy waste tires, the purchase price in the market for about 1,200 yuan per ton, an average of 1 ton of waste tires will be able to "refining" 0.4 tons of oil, while there are nearly 1 Ton of steel, and refining the price of oil per ton in general about 3300 yuan, 1 ton of steel can also sell more than 1,000 yuan per ton. Under normal circumstances, a furnace can be installed 7-8 tons of tires, about 3 tons of oil, steel about 1 ton, oil plus a furnace can sell 11,000 yuan, while the cost of the tires will be about 8500 yuan, a furnace "waste tires "Can earn 2000-3000 yuan net.

(First, the waste material after the burning of the complex, especially dioxin, hydrogen sulfide two kinds of harmful gases; Secondly, the production process of waste, waste oil seriously pollute the soil, the destruction of the soil Organic material, can not resume farming; again, the production equipment safety hazards. Soil refinery itself is "soil boiler", easily lead to an explosion; Finally, due to backward production equipment, can not refining the necessary refined oil refining , The production of "tire oil" is a mixture of a variety of oil, oil is extremely poor, the state is strictly prohibited production and sales of real oil must go through at least 17 processes, and "tire oil" production is not implemented National standards, refining out the oil safety performance indicators are poor, the quality is not guaranteed.Using "soil refining", will cause the machine nozzle clogging, engine damage, and even explosion, very dangerous), so the state carried out a certain rectification!