Waste Oil Regeneration Process

- Jan 19, 2017-

First process is "sunk". To recover waste oil collection tanks in the catalyst heating,various impurities sink to below, processing less oil out impurities aboveTo the removal of slag pot twice and slag.

Second operation was "distilled". Distillation is used oil molecules recombine, gasphase enters the condensing unit out the flow of diesel.

Third procedure is the distillation of diesel at a certain temperature for mixing degumming

Fourth stage of operation "pickling". Pickling is through an acid, makes the most of the impurities in waste oil to settle. After adding about 6% oil of distilled cooling to room temperature acid mixing for about 15 minutes, a lot of waste out, then stop mixing waste residue deposition. Pickling with acid concentration above 98% in fact, concentration is less than 98% is not, pay attention to keep buying back the natural water acid concentration.

Last operation is "soda and". Alkali after acid cleaning to remove acid residues ofoils neutralization, and use PH test strips measure PH value of 7, and when stirred.

Operation VI is "washed". In acid, alkali, oil soluble impurities removed.

Seventh operations are "filtered". Hot vacuum pumping the oil filter, oil filter. Filterout is the fuel, and then source the entire production process is completed, eligible diesel comes out, which can be used on diesel vehicles and agricultural machinery.

Waste oil through sedimentation, distilling, degumming, acid and alkali neutralizing, washing, filtering, seven operations into oil with new oil.