Waste Oil Refining Technology

- Jan 19, 2017-

1. The process is carried out at room temperature and pressure, high safety factorand lighter oils obtained from [yellow], low viscosity, low sulphur content.

2. Refined heating process produces Non-Condensable Gas in the gas tank, flamearrestor into the furnace combustion, fuel economy.

Equipment and process

(1) The whole device in the closed system of production process is smokeless andodorless, environmentally friendly cleaning.

(2) A process to produce liquid, transparent oil, can greatly improve the added value of products and reduce costs.

(3) The key equipment of catalytic cracking reactor completely overcome the traditional processors uneven heating, deformation and fracture and low yield, short lifeand other negative factors.

(4) Efficient gas heating system. In the process of oil refining, and when the gas isheated up to 150 degrees Celsius, will generate a lot of pressure at room temperature cannot be liquefied gas is mainly C1-C2 of hydrocarbons flammable gases. These toxic gases are emitted directly into the air in a traditional process cause pollution to the environment. Through our dedicated gas nozzle return full combustionin heating systems, not only to avoid contamination, also can save a lot of energy.

(5) Flue dust removal system. Equipped with double spray-type dust remover, ensure the flue outlet of the exhaust to meet the national emission standard.