Waste Oil/pyrolysis Oil/crude Oil Distillation To Diesel Equipment Waste Collection Device

- Jun 13, 2017-

Waste Oil/pyrolysis Oil/crude Oil Distillation to Diesel Equipment Waste collection device

Regenerated metal. Including the effective components of cans separation and removal of surface coating, waste lead-acid battery lead paste desulfurization resource utilization, failure of cobalt-nickel material recycling, 4000 horsepower and other scrap equipment and other equipment, from the waste electrical and mechanical, wire and cable, cans and other products In the large-scale recycling of recycled metal. Waste rubber, waste plastics harmless recycling. Including waste tire at room temperature pulverization and atmospheric pressure continuous regeneration of rubber technology and complete sets of equipment, waste plastic composite materials recovery and processing equipment, waste tire powder modified asphalt equipment, waste tire whole tire cutting crusher, waste tire decomposition oil and Carbon black device, paper-plastic aluminum separation, rubber and plastic separation and synthesis, deep cleaning, regeneration granulation, inorganic modified polymer recycling and its installation. Waste mechanical and electrical products harmless recycling. Including waste, mechanical and electrical products sorting, dismantling, high value-added use of harmless processing equipment, copper, heavy metal waste electronic products and sludge (slag) recovery purification equipment, waste home appliances and waste printed circuit board efficient separation A variety of materials, different melting point, poor compatibility of a variety of plastic mix of direct comprehensive utilization of the device.

Scrap car dismantling and recycling. Including vacuum oil absorption machine, explosion-proof pumping unit, funnel-type waste oil recycling machine and other waste collection devices and a variety of waste containers for special closed containers, scrapped car automated dismantling equipment, airbag detonation device, high pressure hot water cleaning machine, automatic Cleaning machines and other spare parts cleaning equipment, scrap metal precious metals recycling technology and equipment, body crushing and material sorting technology and equipment, oil and water separation of environmental protection facilities. Demolition technology and equipment of power battery for new energy vehicles.

Waste new energy vehicle power battery recycling. Including the ability to detect, dismantling, cascade use and harmless recycling and other technical equipment.

Waste solar energy equipment recycling. Including waste solar cell pole, wafer recycling, monocrystalline silicon rod scrap, wafer cutting waste mortar recycling equipment. Used for the recycling of used textiles. Including waste textile recycling, cleaning, sorting, sorting, recycling equipment.

Waste mineral oil recycling. Including waste mineral oil filtration and separation equipment, vacuum distillation equipment and solvent refining, hydrorefining equipment.