Waste Oil Burner Information

- Nov 26, 2019-

Product Feature

  1. use all kinds of waste oil
    2. various applications,for boiler,heater,oven,furnace,grain dryer,sand dryer,fryer,reactor etc2. pc board control,works fully automatically
    3. high sensitive photo cell,no vulnerable parts4. multi safety protection

  2. malfunction and solution:

    ●mal button lights,quick flicker turns to slowly flicker.

    Press reset button to see if burner is back to work.If not,take off the photo cell and wipe.

    ●Mal button is alway light,reset button can't press.

    In this case,power off and connect the power again.

    It is a self protection,because new burner,there is no oil in oil pump and filter.Pump can't supply oil within 2 mins,oil float gives message to print board,to shut down the burner for protection.

    ●Heat button is lighting,then light the mal button.

    There is too much water in the oil.

    use the valve in the bottom of the small tank to leak water.

    Stilling oil for a night,let me water and oil seperate.

    ●Ignition rod is striking fire,but no fire.

    Use the tool to remove the nozzle,check if it has been blocked,change the rubber pad too.

    The tool and rubber pads are also with the burner,we send you for this situation.

    If you meet other problem,contact us first .

    2.Have you improved and innovated your product?

    As a factory,we improve and innovate all the time,we take customers requirment seriously.For example:

    We insulate copper in demand of NZ customer need.

    We change the print board's programme to reach 30s purge.some countries have demand for that.

    We change the manual air flap to automatic system.To low down the noise.

    We use one air compressor for two or three air solenoid system,to reduce the cost for customer.

    If you have any requirement for burner,please let me know.

    3.Customers have their own oil system,no need of oil pump system.Is that ok?

    Yes,it's ok.Please let me know first.To see if we have to change the print board accordingly.

    4.Do customers need to prepare the pre-filer?

    No.We have it with the burner.If you have your own ideas,then it's ok.

    5.Comparing waste oil burner within air pump,some diesel modified burner and other waste oil

    burner brand,what's the difference?

    We are true waste oil system,differ from waste oil burner within compressor,diesel modifed burner or other brand.

    For example,we design the photo cells specifically for waste oil burner,more sensitive and precision than photodiodes.

    6.Is necessary the burner working with external air compressor?

    Yes.It is.Because the simple principle is high pressure atomizing.

    7.what's the air compressor would match your burner&heater

    ps:Air compressor is better bigger than small.Bigger one can supply enough compressed air once,while small capacity compressor may work continually.

    8.I am not so familiar about waste oil burner,which model should I choose?

    It's ok.Contact us,we will guide you the best burner.

    9.Can I pay by credit card instead of going to bank?

    Yes,it's ok.Just let us know.

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