Scrap Plastic Pyrolysis Machine Thermal Cracking Process

- Sep 07, 2017-

 scrap plastic pyrolysis machine Thermal cracking process

Waste plastics are called "white pollution" and "black pollution", the world is actively seeking scientific treatment. In recent years, waste plastics thermal cracking process technology and equipment has been widespread concern.

In the comprehensive utilization of waste plastics, China is currently the main form of waste tire refurbishment and re-manufacturing, production of renewable rubber, waste plastic accumulation of landfill and pyrolysis four business segments. But the first three ways to deal with the prototype less than 1% of the use of the tire refurbishment is only in the case of the carcass is not damaged in the case of operability; vulcanized rubber powder preparation due to low temperature freezing conditions need energy-intensive Equipment; production of recycled plastic energy consumption; waste plastics difficult to degrade, the accumulation of landfill occupied a lot of land. So many Western countries have already eliminated this approach.

In recent years, a great deal of research has been done on the continuous processing technology and complete equipment of waste plastics continuous cracking, including the development of equipment and the optimization of process conditions, ensuring the airtightness of the running system, effectively reducing the discharge of pollutants and realizing the production Standardization, scientific, environmental protection, industrialization. Waste plastics continuous cracking integrated processing technology and the entire package of equipment brought about by the economic benefits and its unique advantages have also been more and more attention.

Continuous processing technology and the whole set of equipment, which is characterized by fast heating, rapid response, short gas retention time, high heat efficiency, and can reduce the occurrence of secondary reactions, high oil production rate. It has the characteristics of wide adaptability to the shape, shape and size of waste materials, and is suitable for waste plastics. To achieve a pollution-free, continuous, automated integrated processing of products recycling, and to achieve the industrial production, the technology will be more and more to promote and use. Now, China's plastics manufacturing, sales industry has developed rapidly, has become the world's largest plastic manufacturing, sales of one of the countries, the formation of a worldwide production and sales system. However, China's waste plastics production is also increasing year by year, close to 34 million tons per year. And waste plastic if not re-use, it will become hundreds of years after the decay of environmental pollution sources. And the recycling of waste plastics industry to solve the country and the community on the environment concerns, learning the chairman said: "waste into treasure, recycling is the sunrise industry. Garbage is put around the wrong resources, the garbage resources, "The same time waste plastic oil refining and recycling products, but also ease the community's great demand for fuel energy, and promote the recycling of green economy in China's development."