Scrap Plastic Pyrolysis Machine The Process Is Characterized By

- Aug 15, 2017-

 scrap plastic pyrolysis machine The process is characterized by

Some Questions about Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Machine

Waste plastic pyrolysis machine! Is waste plastic refining reliable? How does the waste plastic pyrolysis machine handle the waste generated during the refining process? What is the process characteristics of waste plastic pyrolysis machine? We buy a device is to want to create benefits for the enterprise, who do not want to do the loss of trading! So, on the waste plastic pyrolysis machine of these questions, the following mechanical refining equipment manufacturers have the technical staff to answer for everyone!

1 waste plastic refining reliable: In fact, machinery and equipment manufacturers for the production of waste plastics for refining has been very mature. Waste plastic is an oil in the olefin as raw materials by the polymerization reaction, and waste plastic pyrolysis machine is the country to its catalytic cracking method, the waste plastic cracking into a small molecule. These small molecules 5H12 ~ C11H24, etc. is the composition of gasoline, C12H26 ~ C20H42 for the diesel component. Refining equipment through the decomposition of its decomposition of the oil in the oil component, the image of waste plastic oil refining is "where to come back from where to go."

2 how to deal with waste: waste plastic pyrolysis machine will be produced in the refining process of all the waste gas to deal with, these waste gas is divided into three parts: First, the feed inlet leakage of a small amount of water vapor and a small amount of oil and gas, Recovery by the second combustion into the dust treatment, and second, when the coal dust from the fan to the dust collector to deal with the chimney discharge to ensure that dust emissions to GB13271.-2001 related standards. Third, the reactor out of C4 below the normal temperature, atmospheric pressure can not be recycled gas (content is methane, ethane, butane, hydrogen, etc.) by the firewheel from the pipeline into the furnace by the gas gun burning, both energy saving and environmental protection. In the production process, the equipment is fully sealed state of operation, without any smell. Put an end to the plastic refining process of environmental pollution, to meet the needs of environmental protection.

3 waste plastic pyrolysis machine process characteristics: no need to waste plastics to the sediment, moisture, wire and other impurities, directly into the atmospheric furnace, heating distillate oil steam, cold suspected mixed oil, and then fractionator Out of gasoline components and diesel components, the precipitation filter treatment, a qualified fuel oil, waste plastic pyrolysis machine out of the oil rate of up to 60%, waste rubber refining oil out of the oil rate of up to 40%.