Scrap Plastic Pyrolysis Machine Recycling

- Oct 12, 2017-

 scrap plastic pyrolysis machine Recycling

Nowadays, China's plastics manufacturing, sales industry has developed rapidly, has become the world's largest plastic manufacturing, sales of one of the countries, the formation of a worldwide production and sales system. However, China's waste plastics production is also increasing year by year, close to 34 million tons per year. And waste plastic if not re-use, it will become hundreds of years after the decay of environmental pollution sources. The waste plastics recycling industry, the birth of the country and the community to solve the concerns of the environment, learning the chairman said: "waste into treasure, recycling is the sunrise industry. Garbage is put around the resources, the garbage resources, "It is also a science and a kind of art!" At the same time waste plastic oil refining and recycling products, but also eased the great demand for fuel oil, and promote the recycling of green economy in China's development.

The waste plastic oil refining related technical equipment, involving the theory and practice requirements are very harsh, the relevant state agencies introduced a fairly high standard of standardization, domestic enterprises rarely meet the standard. The National Science and Technology Achievement Appraisal Committee identified as: "the first domestic and foreign, to the international advanced and leading level," the Jinan Heng Yu environmental protection, its independent research and development of industrial waste tire cracking technology, equipment, the four ministries as a "national focus New product".

Since the establishment, will "rely on scientific and technological innovation, the development of circular economy, build international brands" as the purpose, and constantly develop waste tire waste plastic cracking technology, innovative scientific research, improve industrial continuous operation of equipment, and ultimately won the national science and technology awards --- National Science and Technology Progress Award, more than 70 domestic and foreign patents, of which there is the only one to achieve the world to prevent coking patents, as well as thermal dispersion and other international top technology patents.

In addition, because of advanced, green, safe industrial continuous waste plastic cracking, waste tire refining production line to become the only Chinese waste tire pyrolysis demonstration base, the state key environmental protection practical technology demonstration project. In the domestic industry has been affirmed at the same time, the industrial production line already has the EU CE, TUV certification, attracting the attention of the world to promote the process of upgrading the industry, the global recycling green economy. Vigorously research and development of high technology, and vigorously promote the circular economy, safety and environmental protection as well as a very complete all-round, multi-level service operation system, is the reputation of environmental protection labels!

And in the same country to domestic sales as the main market, another way to take the lead in the world market as a key breakthrough in the international "higher standards, stronger research and development" restrictions, and now have a large number of global demand, including Germany, Hungary, Brazil, Estonia, Thailand, India, etc., the establishment of an international production and sales base. And cooperation with the demand most of those who said that the research and development of waste tire cracking technology and equipment, is currently the world's only industrial continuous production of green safety production line, while improving efficiency, greatly reducing the production costs and enhance the production Oil quality and production, to make up for the huge international industrial oil vacancies! In addition, Heng Yu environmental protection from the transaction before and after the completion of the provision of a very detailed, fit the actual service system to address the needs of business operators in the operation of the puzzled , To promote the needs of business operators, and even promote the development of regional industrial economic benefits!

Efficient and safe waste tire refining technology to re-industrial oil, its potential economic value in the international can not be underestimated, and with the natural oil production to reduce the increasing and all-round to meet the community, enterprises, including the environment Of the demand, attracting from all over the world investors and customers of the many concerns. At the same time, its security with industrial-grade return on investment, has become its personalized representative advantage. , Will create a new era of waste plastics recycling economy!