Scrap Plastic Pyrolysis Machine Molecular Structure Occurs

- Sep 20, 2017-

Scrap Plastic Pyrolysis Machine Molecular structure occurs

How does waste plastic pyrolysis machine reduce power consumption?

Waste plastic pyrolysis machine energy consumption has been a big problem, if the equipment can reduce the energy consumption, then the waste plastic pyrolysis machine will be higher economic value.

1. Install fuel

The molecular weight of the hydrocarbons treated by the fuel economizer changes, the molecular structure changes, the distance between the molecules increases, the distance between the molecules increases, and the viscosity of the fuel decreases. As a result, the fuel oil is atomized before combustion, Combustion chamber in the low oxygen conditions are fully burned, so the combustion equipment, the amount of air can be reduced by 15% to 20%, to avoid the heat in the flue, the flue temperature dropped 5 ℃ to 10 ℃. Combustion equipment by the energy saving device, the combustion efficiency, it can save 4.87% to 6.10%, and obviously see the bright flame, black smoke disappeared, the furnace clear and transparent. Thoroughly remove the coking of the burning oil Tsui and prevent re-coking. The lifting of the furnace due to insufficient combustion and furnace wall plot residue phenomenon, to achieve environmental protection and energy saving effect.

2. Install condensate gas boiler energy economizer

Gas boiler exhaust smoke contains up to 18% of the water vapor, which contains a lot of latent heat is not used, smoke high temperature, significant heat loss. Natural gas is still burning after the release of nitrogen oxides, a small amount of sulfur dioxide and other pollutants. Reducing fuel consumption is the best way to reduce costs. The condensing gas boiler economizer can be installed directly in the existing boiler flue, recovering the energy in the high temperature flue gas, reducing the fuel consumption, the economic benefit is obvious, and the condensation of water vapor Flue gas nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and other pollutants, reduce pollutant emissions, has important environmental significance.

3. The use of condensing waste heat recovery boiler technology

Traditional boilers, the exhaust temperature is generally 160 ~ 250 ℃, flue gas in the water is still in a state of overheating, can not condense into liquid water and release latent heat of vaporization. It is well known that the thermal efficiency of the boiler is calculated from the low calorific value of the fuel and does not take into account the heat loss of latent heat in the high calorific value of the fuel. So the traditional thermal efficiency of the boiler can only reach 87% to 91%. The condensing waste heat recovery boiler, which reduces the exhaust gas temperature to 50 ~ 70 ℃, fully recovered in the flue gas sensible heat and water vapor latent heat, enhance the thermal efficiency; condensate can also be recycled.