Scrap Plastic Pyrolysis Machine Influencing Factors

- Sep 28, 2017-

 scrap plastic pyrolysis machine Influencing factors

Factors influencing the quality of refining process

Waste plastic pyrolysis machine to increase investment in technology must require oil refining equipment to have a good operating performance, reduce maintenance costs, cost savings. So that the oil refining equipment can determine the quality of the process. Waste plastic refinery in the production of oil refining, the process is the leading, the equipment is for the process of service, but with the continuous improvement of oil refining and development, but also to promote the upgrading of oil refining equipment needs.

Requires simple structure, low cost, easy operation and maintenance.

2. To be safe and reliable operation: because the refining of raw materials containing a large number of additives, mostly containing flammable and easily corrosive substances, so the depreciation of the oil refining equipment if there is a certain strength, toughness, and good seal Sex, so as not to cause malignant events, causing significant casualties.

3. Need to meet the needs of different processes: In order to truly become the best in the refining equipment, we must be able to meet the needs of different processes. To meet the requirements of the process, so that our technology and equipment can be coordinated.

Refining equipment for waste plastics in the refining is to pay attention to the problem, in the choice of plastic refinery site should pay attention to the production process will release a small amount of odor gas, and people are very sorry for the smell, in order not to affect the normal life of residents, as far as possible Do not choose the advantages of the rural upwind or the town of the wind; try to choose the place where the acquisition of scrap plastic, the collection and processing of raw materials to facilitate and save costs, such as waste collection stations, industrial areas, waste areas and other places of low environmental quality, City, civilized city, a little big city try to avoid, generally in rural or rural areas are better, cheap land, can be cultivated land as much as possible not occupied; waste plastic oil refining equipment use skills: the use of the process to keep the temperature and pressure stability, Observation, more records of data, raw material filtration control is better, the equipment as far as possible not to cool too long.