Scrap Plastic Pyrolysis Machine Full Seal Operation

- Aug 29, 2017-

 scrap plastic pyrolysis machine Full seal operation

Easy to operate, automatic program high waste plastic pyrolysis machine.

1. Safety: automatic control system of PLC touch screen can be eliminated in advance. The safety hazard can be released by means of multi-path safety relief device. In order to ensure safety in production, the central control room, special design and the related parts in the production set up various kinds of instrument for tracking monitoring, timely will produce parts of data to the central control room, timely understanding of or adjust the production technology status, found in time or processing that may occur in the production of abnormal phenomenon, can quickly and disposal measures to the unsafe phenomenon, the accurate and timely eliminate safe hidden trouble that may occur, to ensure production safety.

2. Environmental protection: the whole production process is basically in full seal operation, without direct discharge of "three wastes". By oily waste gas burner, can make the oily waste gas in the reaction kettle chamber combustion heat release in full, in the process of pyrolysis combustion heat exhaust after desulfurization dusting, atomized spray dusting, triple filter water film dust removal environmental protection, lye spray device to odorless, colorless emission environmental standards. Condensing water adopts cyclic recooling mode to achieve non-waste discharge. The residue is burned by burning and exothermic, and the final slag is sold to the brick factory to realize the discharge of waste residue. 3, efficient: from the reaction kettle repeated evaporation, high efficiency catalyst reaction and gas purification plant, saves and acid, alkali cleaning oil, soil washing refining process, raw materials can be processed into products that day, on the day of the sale.

4. Omni-directional automatic intelligent control: through the automatic control system of PLC's touch screen, the equipment can be controlled with full range of intelligence, the data can be displayed and controllable. Reaction temperature equilibrium relationship to the material of the accurate smoothly, if the temperature is high or low, the degree of cracking will fluctuate, too high temperature will appear a large number of dry gas, non-condensable gas, thus reducing the yield of oil; Too low temperature can cause the cracking speed and low degree, which is the incomplete nature of the lysis, which also results in low quality of oil and low yield.