Oil/gas Burner Safety Quality Problem

- Aug 29, 2017-

oil/gas burner Safety quality problem

Domestic oil/gas burner now still at the exploratory stage study, mainly because of safety and quality problems, because gas is different from other fuel burner, once the gas leak and the degree of danger of pulverized coal or oil burner was completely different, but the domestic development speed very fast, the eleventh five-year plan in the rise of a group of small and medium-sized enterprises have technical strength, the burner has become one of the burner brand of domestic a few can also abroad, manufacturers advertise a role, but the main reason is that in the design adopts the advanced gas and air premixed, half a premixed and turbulent mixing flow combustion technology, thus improve the combustion efficiency, increase the intensity of combustion and flame stability, and happened to abroad (such as riello, meaning higher) of oil/gas burner while the effect is same, but because China's low cost value, so in a foreign country is in a state of low price, regardless of whether such sales model has a problem, but also belongs to the high technology of cheap money to open the international market. The combustion of low calorific value gas is enhanced by using backflow grading of fire burning technology. The optimization of the burner structure and cooperate with different random brazier brick the flame shape design, can make the flame shape form cylindrical, upright and outspoken flat form, attached to the wall stick wall form, to ensure the uniformity of furnace temperature field, according to user requirements to design the flame shape and length. Reliable noise reduction measures to reduce noise to meet environmental requirements.

There is no denying the fact that the domestic oil/gas burner from abroad have a certain strength gap, but it is also to the Chinese oil/gas burner provides a good learning development opportunities, quality, technology and enterprise development speed, a series of problems are guaranteed to have a detailed planning. Now the highlight of oil/gas burner is energy saving, safety and technology, the third is closely linked, interlocking, how to improve the domestic oil/gas burner in the market, or to the whole industry to form a virtuous cycle of the system, thereby giving impetus to the development of industry. Because oil/gas burner main fuel gas, liquefied petroleum gas, city gas and other combustible gas, the fuel of inflammable, explosive dangerous gas, in the process of use and storage are caused attaches great importance to deal with security, otherwise major safety accidents will occur.

(I) operation:

1. To install the new furnace, carefully check whether the gas is in accordance with the burner's requirements before commissioning; Check whether the test equipment on the gas supply line is normal and the valve is open and closed. Whether it is convenient for later use and maintenance.

2. For the newly installed pipeline, the installation reliability of all pipes and the sealing of the pipeline should be carefully checked.

3. Users of separate gasification stations shall ensure that the gas supply and air supply parameters meet the requirements of safety combustion.