Oil/gas Burner Safety Caused By Height

- Sep 20, 2017-

oil/gas burner Safety caused by height

Because the main fuel oil / gas burner gas, liquefied petroleum gas, city gas and other combustible gases, these kinds of fuel is flammable, explosive dangerous gas, in the use and storage process should pay attention to safety, otherwise There will be a major security incident.

(A), boot operation:

1. For the new installation of the furnace, the test should be carefully tested before the gas is consistent with the requirements of the burner; check the gas pipeline on the detection equipment is normal and the pipeline valve opening and closing is normal, whether to facilitate future use and maintenance.

2. For newly installed piping, the installation reliability of all piping and the sealing of the piping should be carefully checked.

3. The use of a separate gasification station users, to ensure that the gas supply, gas parameters meet the requirements of safe combustion.

4. Operators carefully read the equipment manual, master the safe operation of knowledge and methods.

5. Always check whether the gas valve is open before each operation, otherwise the burner does not work.

6. Start the control panel on the power control button, this time the digital display shows the current furnace temperature, Xin'an installed furnace temperature for the ambient temperature.

7. Start the fan control button, installed in the furnace on the fan to work, this time if the fan damage control cabinet will automatically protect the next step.

8. When the combustion engine is working without abnormality, the combustion control button is activated. At this point, the combustion program controller starts to work. It will carry out the ignition, air supply, flame detection and so on through a certain procedure.

9. When the combustion controller receives a signal that is not conducive to combustion (eg ignition failure, pressure instability, circuit problems), the combustion controller immediately shuts down the gas and sends an alarm signal.

10. If the alarm controller, if the alarm must be resolved by the operator after the manual reset it can continue to work.

11. The operation of the entire equipment, the operator should refer to the furnace safety operating procedures and production process requirements to operate.

12. According to the production process requirements need to adjust the control temperature, the operator should refer to the intelligent numerical control table manual to adjust.