Oil/gas Burner Operating Procedures

- Jun 22, 2017-

Oil/gas Burner Operating procedures

Burner debugging

1. Check whether the external diesel is in place, the pipeline is smooth, the external power control in place.

2. The load of the burner to a small load, the ignition position corresponding to a small load, turn off the heavy load to ignite and observe the flame situation, according to the flame on the servo motor or damper and the corresponding adjustments.

3. When the fire burns the burner, it is necessary to adjust the load from the relatively small load to the large load according to the load condition of the hot equipment, and adjust the servo motor or the damper according to the situation.

4. Observe the flame with or without fire, the flame is not full combustion, vibration and so on.

5. After adjustment to carry out a number of ignition, observe the ignition is good.

Site requirements

1. An unrelated person with a commissioning job is required to leave the job site.

2. Prohibit any other way of operation (such as welding, gas cutting, etc.).

3. In order to ensure the safety of the commissioning personnel, when the burner is ignited, it should be 1 meter away from the burner side. When the flame is stabilized, observe the flame at the observation mirror and make the next adjustment and other adjustment.


1. Fuel burner continuous secondary ignition program failure, should stop checking, burner oil supply system is normal, the circuit is correct, to lift the fault before restart the burner.

2. Do not smoke, welding, cutting and other illegal operations in the field.

3. In the debugging work, must be done seriously, safe and efficient.

4. Prohibit the use of explosion-free electrical power tools in the field.

5. Explain the safety precautions to the customer in detail.

6. Before starting to check whether the oil circuit is open.

7. It is advisable not to carry out the commissioning of the fuel at night.

8. At the end of the commissioning, organize the operator to use the operation direction of the training, if necessary, the establishment of operational procedures

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Debug before check

1. Check whether the diesel is in place, whether the fuel pipeline clean and smooth, the valve has been opened.

2. Whether the phenomenon of pipeline leakage, pipe installation is reasonable.

3. If the oil return line is installed correctly, the return pipe does not allow the installation of the valve

Internal inspection of the fuel engine

1. The burner's nozzle is installed and the ignition electrode should be adjusted well.

2. The direction of rotation of the motor should be correct.

3. External circuit connections should meet the requirements.