Oil/gas Burner Classification Of Combustion Methods

- Jun 07, 2017-

Various types of fuel gas burners

(1) burners generally use fuel can be divided into three kinds of 1, gas burner 2, fuel burner 3, dual-use oil and gas burner.

(2) according to the combustion method classification 1, diffusion burner combustion of air is not pre-mixed with the gas once the air coefficient 2, the atmosphere burner combustion part of the air required in advance with the gas mixture of air coefficient meter. 3, all the air required for complete pre-mix burner combustion is mixed with the gas in advance.

(1) single-stage firepower: single-stage fire burner refers to the burner ignition, only one output, the output size can not be adjusted; 2, two fire control: burner There is a two-stage output, the ignition can be a work, when the load is large, you can also make the second level put into operation, two levels of work together, although the burner output size can be adjusted, but can only be adjusted to two, not Stepless adjustment; 3, three sections of fire control: adjusted for the three, nor is the stepless adjustment; 4, two-step sliding adjustment: a similar proportion of regulation, only in large stalls and small stalls to stay. 5, proportional adjustment: from the smallest output until the maximum output, continuous adjustment, for the stepless adjustment. But the minimum load is required, fuel burner adjustment ratio of 1: 4, that is, the minimum load of 25; gas burner adjustment ratio can reach 1: 6, for gas burners, are generally continuous adjustment.

(4) according to the air supply method classification 1, the ejector burner air is sucked by gas jet or gas is sucked by the air jet 2, the natural air supply burner by the negative pressure in the furnace air inhalation tissue burning 3, The type of combustion gas is used to blow air into the furnace for combustion.

(5) by gas pressure classification 1, low-pressure burner gas pressure below 5000Pa 2, high and medium pressure burner gas pressure between 5000Pa to 3 × 105Pa. There are also some special features of the burners such as immersion burners, high-speed burners and low burners. Danyang Qirun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is established in 2004, Taiwan-owned enterprises, located in Danyang City, Jiangsu Province, Yan Lingzhen Kuai (read fast) Zhuang brigade opposite, covering an area of 6680 square meters. The total value of 18 million yuan, after years of development, the formation of heavy truck parts, pavement machinery parts, nails and nail gun three series, gas burner, the lock body assembly, fuel pump, fuel burner, Clamp disc brakes and many other small series of products. The company's business objectives are through its own continuous improvement to provide products or services that meet or exceed customer requirements and expectations. To achieve this goal, the company in 2012 to upgrade the quality management system to ISO9001: 2008; the company's management continue to improve and enhance their ability to adapt to market competitiveness, to ensure continuous and stable to customers with satisfactory requirements of products and services. Domestic research status in foreign gas burner is a very mature industry. Foreign manufacturers have a history of gas use of its burner manufacturers after decades of market competition in technology, technology, cost control has accumulated a lot of tangible and intangible assets with strong scale advantages and technological advantages.oil/gas burner.